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US investment bank JPMorgan closing in on 4 x 50K DWT tankers under construction in China:

Singapore is getting one more Ship Management company in it’s already swelling “portfolio”:

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Singapore retain top spot as Maritime Hub:

Not bad for a working class boy from the western part of Oslo:

Here is a great possibility for Jones Act tankers to get into the international shipping market.
Diesel Fuel and Gasoline being exported from the Gulf Coast to South and Central America as well as NW Europe:

The partners Hafnia, Anglo American, RightShip, Rio Tinto, Thome Group, and Wilhelmsen will hold a kickoff webinar on Thursday, 18 August 2022. Click here to save the date and find out more about this initiative and how you can participate.

Those interested in driving change in the maritime industry are invited to submit their ideas through the website:

DNV urges cross-industry collaboration to help overcome “ultimate hurdle” of fuel availability in its latest decarbonization report (

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Managing commercial risk in shipping is not an easy task:

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PS> It doesn’t say if these ships will be on Bareboat Charter, or long term TC (??)

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quote :Operating under a long-term time charter to Crowley, the ships will be connecting U.S. markets to Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. end quote

source: Crowley charters LNG-fueled boxship quartet from Eastern Pacific Shipping - Offshore Energy (

So EPS will have operational management of the ships while Crowley will have commercial use of them.

PS> Long-term TC appears to be the case for all the other Container ships in the EPS fleet as well:

PPS> EPS has the largest LNG powered, or prepared, fleet in the world.

Splash 24/7 publish their annual Singapore Market Report 2022:

The full report: