Shipping News revived

Marine Insurers (H&M) adopt the Poseidon Principles:

Poseidon Principles has been in force in the Marine Finance business for some time.

Many here are probably familiar with Q88, with accurate date on ships, especially tankers and large bulker?
Now it be part of Veson Nautical, which is probably not as familiar to mariners;

Singapore is the place to be if you are in Ship Management:

AGCS-Safety-Shipping-Review-2022.pdf (

The big boys in shipping is looking for more:

Also in Offshore Marine:

Things are afoot in the P&I market;

International Seaways’ Management has replied:

Modern shipping explained!!

Photo: Dale E.Crisp (c)

What a great example of modern shipping:

  • Registered owner is Oriental Fleet Tanker No 16 Ltd,
  • Beneficial owner is COSCO Shipping.
  • The ship’s long-term charterer is the Restis Group of Greece,
  • Technically managed by their subsidiary; Enterprises Shipping & Trading.
  • Traded by another subsidiary; Golden Energy Navigation.
  • Operated by SeaRiver Maritime of the USA, which is ExxonMobil’s tanker arm.
  • Flag: Isle of Man, UK
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What does John Fredriksen want with all those VLCCs??:

The answer is here, if you are a subscriber.

If not, here is a hint:

BTW; John Fredriksen is a self-made Billionaire, Norwegian born but now a Cypriot citizen living in UK:


Shipping Exhibitions are back with a vengeance:

Some Greek Shipowners may be different from the majority:

Sanctions force Sovcomflot to get innovative:

Shipping news in a different way:

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A titan in the shipping world, both in Singapore and international, is preparing for his retirement:

He started his career at sea and has held positions in Shipping in Copenhagen, London, Hong Kong and Singapore, which has been his adopted home for many years:

Keen to hear more from one of shipping’s great diplomats – check out Esben’s memoirs, available to buy from the Mission To Seafarers here.