Shipping is simple, don't over think it

Or is it simple? What say you?

Note: He is talking about international shipping here. May not apply to American shipping, with all it’s different problems, rules, regulations and military purpose. (??)

Sad to say, but majority of American deep sea shipping is MSC. Wish it was different. No bad eggs toward MSC, it is a decent outfit with all it’s warts. and such.

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The article in the OP seems to be a fluff piece but I’d say the advice given by Charlie Du Cane not overthink problems was not advice but a dig at competitors. If solutions to problems are both wrong and over-complicated then the issue is not overthinking but poor analysis.


In this Feynman diagram, an electron ( e⁻ ) and a positron ( e⁺ ) annihilate, producing a photon ( γ , represented by the blue sine wave) that becomes a quarkantiquark pair (quark q , antiquark ), after which the antiquark radiates a gluon ( g , represented by the green helix).

Another physicist Albert Einstein - “Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

― Albert Einstein, Selected Writings