Ship reporting procedures

I would like to know what are the current daily standard reporting requirements for ship masters to their owners, e.g. position speed, eta next port, bunkers rob, etc. What time is the report normally sent? To what extent is this procedure now automated? I appreciate this may vary from company to company. Thanks in advance.

Why do you want this? Most of that info would be a security issue and companies probably wouldn’t like it to be divulged.

In general, on deep sea ships, reports are sent at noon. This includes distance travelled over the last 24 hours, position, fuel used, slip, etc. Reports are also sent at departure and arrival. This is generally sea buoy to sea buoy.

On my vessel there is no automation. The chief emails up fuel and revolutions and the 2/m puts together the noon report which is sent to the office.

The company has a couple of ways to track the vessel real time.

Very helpful thanks.