Sever Overload - Search Restrictions

gCaptain has experienced periods of downtime since we launched the site 3 years ago. The problem is rapid periods of growth come at unexpected times.

After the Deepwater Horizon incident brought the site down we upgraded to a top of the line server, which has been reliable over the past few months. But this week we’ve averaged over 700 simultaneous visitors at peaked times., meaning that the server is running 700 processes at once!

We are in the process of upgrading the server, once more, this time to Rackspace’s “E” line of servers. Expensive but capable machines. More relevant to you we have installed some programing scripts to limit features when the server load is high.

The most notable feature limitation is search, which includes clicks on the “What’s New” and “Today’s Posts” buttons. During high server periods we will be shutting down these features BUT only for guest users.

So… if you have problems performing searches in the future, simply log into your account and you will have full access to all features.

Thanks for your patience!