Sea time question

Very quick question here that the CFRs don’t seem to clarify. I’ve been on board an MSC vessel as a junior mate for a couple months now. We frequently got underway to do missions. Now, as a result of a repair period, we have been tied up for 35 days now. At how many days tied up does my sea time no longer count day for day and goes to the 3 for 1 rule? Thanks!

It is not defined in the CFRs. I think that would fall under the guise of “unique vessels” which is at the discretion of the evaluator. You might be able to find guidance in a NVIC. I don’t have a way to easily search them though.

" (g) Other experience. Other experience in a marine-related area, other than at sea, or sea service performed on unique vessels, will be evaluated by the Coast Guard for a determination of equivalence to traditional service."

I know this section allows the USCG to create special exceptions for service on jack up rigs and for historic museum ships. A MSC ship with a special mission might fall in to the same category.

If your discharge says the vessel was coastwise or anything but “shipyard,” then you get day for day.


his discharge on a msc ship prob stops when they tie up like other govt. vessels but other than having sailed for the govt. a lot i suppose the C.O. has a lot of say about the discharge slip … a simple “keep it open” till they get to here or there … or … anything i suppose?

I don’t know, I spent 2 months on the blocks during a trip on a government vessel and I got one discharge from the day I signed on until I signed off. Depends on the Captain I suppose.