Sea Time on quarantine

Anybody have any insight on what the rules are for sea time while quarantining in the hotel? I don’t really need the sea time, but figure I’ll be asked questions by some of the crew about it at some point.

Do you get sea days when assigned to a vessel but have to quarantine in a hotel before hand? I’m guessing no, but feel like that may be wrong for some rule/law that I’m not aware of. Duty in service of ship or something silly like that?


I would say that no days in the hotel will count as sea time, as you are not signed onto the ship.

46 cfr 10.232:
Sea service.

(h) Day. (1) Except as noted otherwise, for the purpose of calculating service in this subchapter, a day is equal to 8 hours of watchstanding or day-working not to include overtime.

How much watchstanding can be done in a hotel room?

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Right, but when I was on my non Cert. of Discharge days, they would always write in the sea letter for whenever I flew out to whenever I flew home.

Additionally, we get paid day rate, so makes it feel a bit different.

Good luck maybe you can try and count it for DP time also.

It’s not a day at sea no mater what your pay stub says. At least you’re getting paid quite a few people are not.


I wonder if I can stay at a holiday inn an upgrade to Admiral.


:joy: :joy:I got paid salary every day whether I was on the ship or not, 365 days a year. If only I’d thought to put in for sea days when I was at home sitting on my couch between hitches I could have upgraded way sooner!!

Yes. Why not? Armchair travellers, couch surfers, and bed sailors.

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