Sea Shepard The Movie

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From same people that helped get the COVE (Winning Academy Award Oscar 2010 for best Documentary) into production comes a new movie in pre production based on Captain Paul Watson from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Thrown out of Greenpeace for being too radical, Paul Watson is determined to put the pirate whaling boat, the Sierra, out of business. This is an action packed adventure that will thrill and shock you. Paul Watson rams driftnet fishing trawlers; smashes illegal whaling boats and sails boldly into Soviet waters. It is the true story of a modern day buccaneer, a true hero. Looking for a simple, yet effective webpage or 3 for the movie website to help promote the production and to allow potential investors to invest based on the formation they read (and download). So it’s… See job listing

Wow! You mean they’re FINALLY going to make a sequel to “Cabin Boy”? :eek: If this is the Sea Shepherds seeking bids- I’m surprised they mention “ramming boats” especially after after blaming the Japanese fleet for ramming them…