Sea Kittens

Maritime Advocate Online started Monday morning off with news of the winner of the “Most Unnecessary” word of 2009, according to the American Dialect Society:

“…Sea Kittens, denoting fish and preferred by environmentalists because the taking of piscene life is made more unpleasant-seeming…”

It would certainly add a new twist to the menu at the local diner…Sea Kitten & Chips (can I still get malt vinegar with that?).

For some reason I thought Sea Kittens referred to female Corpsmen when I was in…

Guess I was wrong.


yeah, “Sea Kittens” to me has sexual overtones. but then I’ve been onboard my subsea vessel 5 weeks and am heading home today (!), so my opinion may be somewhat bias.

sea kittens, aren’t they just precious. makes me want to harpoon something…it’s time to make the blood again with them precious little sea kittens. the cockpit needs to take on the appearance of jeff dahmers basement…god how I love to play with sea kittens.