Scheduling Exam for First Class Pilotage

I’m attempting to schedule a first class pilotage exam for the Great Lakes (excluding St. Mary’s/Detroit/St. Clair rivers) and don’t know where to start. The NMC was barely helpful at best. I have my trip log signed by the captain and am aware that I have to attain Approve to Test status before calling the REC to schedule. I’m a recent academy grad and have not have had to deal with the NMC directly yet. If anyone has scheduled the exam on their own your advice would be greatly appreciated.

You can’t schedule a test until you have been approved for it. You need to do get that done first.

Where are you testing? Just pick the exam and book it. Some RECs have pilot sketch or some variation of that in the drop down list.

I’m trying to test for the Great Lakes exams. The NMC operator said I have to be approved to test prior to calling them to schedule. I should have made my original question more clear and asked if anyone knew clearly how to apply for ATT status

Fill out a 719-B checking “New Endorsement” under “Officer” in Section II. Under description, I usually write, “First Class Pilot: whatever routes…”. Attach copies of your trip sheets, pay the fee(s) on, sea time, etc… Just like a normal application submission.

So you’re asking how do you apply for an endorsement now that the academy you went to isn’t holding your hand and doing it for you? You need to submit one of these.

You might consider hiring a consultant who can walk you thorugh all of this and/or do it for you.

Thank you I appreciate it