Sanctioned Iranian Ship Owners Operating Illegally from UAE

[B]Iranians with the backing of current regime are reported to be operating from UAE. Many such companies have registered in proxy names in UAE Free Zones. One such company in the name of GreenLine is currently operating from JLT.

[/B][B]“Green Line Consulting” [/B][B]are owners of LPG tankers “SAM RUSS” and “RUSSEL”. Though the proxy manager in trading licence is a swedish national, the company is entirely operated by Iranians.

As the UAE Resident VISA rules for Iranians are strict, directors and executive staff frequently do their office business on visit Visa.

AN Ex NITC, Sharjah area manager is also working with this group as technical director.

They have hired Indian mariners as a front runners without letting the employees know about the true identity. Many of them left the job after realizing the repercussions it can have on their career due to sanctions. However, such unscrupulous operators are there in the open and fellow mariners should be careful while accepting employment offer from such sanctioned companies.

One of such operator’s vessel got detained by Customs officials in Haldia Port for almost two months. Master and senior officers were arrested and vessel was released only after securing adequate bonds to the government.[/B]