Sailing trimmed down by the head

This topic came up on the thread about the LASH ships.

One time on an ocean transit when I first started sailing C/M I accidentally experimented with sailing down by the head.

I thought we were trimmed just a bit down by the stern but when I fired up the stability program I saw, according to the computer, I had way too much drag. So I pumped some ballast into the forepeak tank.

Went to the wheelhouse to check and I saw speed (STW) had ticked up a bit, I figured it was from taking off the excess drag.

When I went back down to the stability computer I realized I had loaded the wrong file and I had in fact put the ship down by the head. I restored back to the original condition and when I checked the speed again it’d dropped back down.

I wasn’t too surprised later when we started getting advice to sail down by the head.

If they would design ships to do it, it would work much better in my opinion.

Under pilotage or in lower under keel clearance areas, it is not ideal either. Long ocean passages, sure. As long as the machinery and hull can handle it.


Agreed, just on the ocean passages, for one not worth the hassle coast-wise, C/M already had too much without adding that.