Sailing On The R/S Rocket Ship

Hello All,

Does anyone on here sail on this vessel, or does anyone know how you can sail aboard this vessel? I know the ship is owned and operated by Foss, and I know they have an Atlantic Division. And IBU is only West Coast, so if its SIU you would get this ship out of either their Mobile, New Orleans, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, or Jacksonville hall’s??? The rocket’s that are transported on the vessel are built in Decatur, Alabama, and ULA (United Launch Alliance) the company that builds them is headquartered just south of Denver, Colorado. Thank You

I met a mate off of there a couple years ago. I recall him saying rotation was 45/45 (at least for officers.) He also said they were SIU. Not much turn over on there according to him as well, sounded like a decent gig.

I’ve seen job postings occasionally, but its been a while…at least a few years.

I see. And I’m sure the unlicensed crew have a nice rotation as well just like the ATB’s. And that means those individual’s are permanant, and I’m sure they probably baseball the rotation’s with certain other individual’s. Thank you for your response