Sailin’ Home

Sailin’ Home by the Dutch singer Piet Veerman.


Nice, I like it.

Shots of a Smit Lloyd anchor handler brought back memories. Especially the shots showing her with turns for the beach.

Sailin’ Home with the Dutch mv Warber in bad Atlantic weather.

In 2008 the keel of the Warber was laid in China. The ship was launched on April 2, 2010 and the Warber was delivered in August 2010. From China she sailed to Vietnam to load her first cargo. With parts from a windmill she crossed the Pacific via Hawaii, through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean to Philadelphia where the cargo was unloaded. It was then loaded for Liverpool in Charleston. Since then, the ship has been used in European shipping trade.

The ship is not more then a coaster with a length of 94.5 meters and a deadweight of 4114 tons. I crossed the Atlantic about 10 times on a small general purpose tanker with a length of 110 meters. In really bad weather, waves of 15 meters were not uncommon then, we sometimes took a considerable beating with outside staircases gone and on one occasion part of the crew’s gangway between midship and aft accommodation had disappeared.

Spooky in the beginning was that the ship at the end of a roll stayed in that position for a couple of seconds, but it felt like an eternity. We could then stay a short while on the cabin’s wall! It had to do with a (tool) small GM.