Resume question

Trying to get some help from you guys on this one. I worked for a company that got bought out, new name new colors on the stack but everything else was the same, a few years later we got bought again, same story just changed the color of the tug. I have them listed as 3 different companies on my resume but have had hr people tell me it looks bad, like I am jumping companies a lot. So should i combine them into one on my resume with a footnote that i never left any of them, that they kept changing. Or leave them as 3 different ones with no explanation or what? how would some of you address this?


Try listing the current name and address and in parenthesis say “formerly company x”

something like

“K-sea (formerly Sirius Maritime formerly Seacoast Towing)”

I would do something like that, or put a * by it with a short description saying company xyz was bought out.

thanks fellas