Renewal/Upgrade from OUVP to Master question

I am going through the application process of renewal and upgrade from the OUVP to a Master 50T or 100T. I have taken the upgrade course, I have sea time papers, I have the TWIC card, and now I need to take the physical. I am very concerned because I am prescribed medication for mild clinical depression. I realize this will cause a flag to go up, but I think it is better not to lie about it. Can someone shed some light on my situation, or has anyone been through this process?

Will the meds prevent you from carrying out your duties? what does your DR say? I have seen several co workers go through hell with the new medical guidelines that the CG are using…
I’m of the mind that less information is better…Now having said that, there is a certain pilot who was involved in the Cosco busan allision that thought the same thing, he didn’t tell the CG about his prescribed meds…That ended rather poorly for him…

No, the meds don’t have any effect on my activities. My DR would say that they make me feel better, just not a little down. I have been seriously thinking about not mentioning the meds.

You will be asked about any current medications. Don’t lie about or omit anything. Big brother is watching and has ways of finding out.

If it becomes an issue, have your physician write a letter. It will be a paperwork nightmare but you do what you’ve gotta do.

Persistance and patience. It’ll pay off in the end (no pun intended:)).

Good luck. Keep us posted.


Not being honest would be the absolutely worst possible choice. You might get through it in the short run, but it would always be there to bite you!

As someone who was assigned to an REC during my Guard time many moons ago, and who has walked many people through licensing hell, I’ll just second that part about not being honest. if you’re not truthful, and they find out, you’re done . .

Thank you, I’ll be truthful and I guess I’ll be prepared to defend myself.

Don’t worry, be happy…off the meds…moot point.

I second that vote…

Drop the meds for a few months OR how ever long the USCG medical questionair asks so you can answer honestly.

Now it may mean:
walking for 30 min/day
stop taking caffine
stop/reduce smoking
eat masive less sodium (salt)

basically get yourself healthy…
Why do I say that? Ive been on one boat for 6 hitches. We have lost 2 chief engineers and one oiler cause of cardio/vascular problems. One Capt is diabetic. [B][U]ALL[/U][/B] were under 55 years. All the health problems were simply poor life style choices.

But youre saying ya, but I have depression not obesity. If your feeling a bit depressed now, on land, just wait till youre offshore. Working offshore is not a place for those with thin skin or those who get depressed easily. Trust me, starting at the bottom ya better have your head screwed on tight.

it is not just the lifestyle when ashore…observe the 300# crew member who “grazes” for his entire watch…the D/H with the softdrink can glued to his hand…the C/E who spends his watch at the galley table w/ a plate in front of him…the wheelhouse complete w/ mini-fridge and a drawer full of cookies, candy bars, and chips!!

life expectency for wheelhouse personnel still somewhere is in the mid to late '50s!!

lost a good friend and fellow crew member last year…watched him go to +300#s…he literally ate himself to death!!I finally got the message…walk 2 1/2 miles a day…med free…40#s lighter and still losing…would like to see everyone try the same!!

Take a look at NVIC 04-08 at: , in particular, see pages 28-29 of enclosure (3), and show it to your doctor. Your doctor will likely need to document their diagnosis with a “DSM Axis I” and include specific indformation. Getting that up front will avoid having to go back to the doctor and will speed the process.

Although many mariners may be asked for additional tests or information about their medical condition, less than 175 out of over 55,000 (< 0.3%) have been denied for medical reasons.

Thank you for this information, and it is very helpful just to know how to deal with it.