Remember the BP oil spill? These cleanup workers are still suffering after 9

Sounds about right. On every ship I’ve ever worked on there’s been a cavalier attitude towards noxious chemical exposure. I bring my own respirator, safety goggles, and gloves nowadays. Newsflash: nobody gives a damn about you but yourself. And maybe your momma.

I worked in Southern Louisiana 10, 15 years before that oil spill & noticed a lot people from Thibodeaux & the surrounding areas suffered from neurological disorders & had concentration problems. I think more research is needed & surely from somewhere else besides Mother Jones magazine.


“More research is needed,” to determine that chemicals meant to break apart organic molecules could be harmful to an organism made of organic molecules, i.e., humans? I think you may suffer from a neurological disorder yourself.

You might be right, maybe I do? But if you, Mother Jones magazine or anyone else tries to blame the bad dental hygiene, the bad English pronunciation problems or obesity crisis of that area on the BP oil spill I’m going to call B.S.

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I chalk down those attributes as symptoms of our failed educational system. Those poor bastards are just ignorant. Not necessarily stupid, but ignorant as a bag of hammers.

How is it possible to be the most powerful and richest nation on earth, and still have areas that is 3rd world standard? Are you still punishing them for the civil war?

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To get your answer to your first question familiarize yourself with world history. Theres no example in human history of it being otherwise. It’s how & why empires & superpowers become the richest & most powerful on Earth. Several subcultures (sometimes very different from one another) join together over vast amounts of land & resources to form a power block that dominates their neighbors & world. If the group of different cultures/states in the middle of North America weren’t joined together they wouldn’t be the richest & most powerful nation on Earth but a bunch of small to large city-states on vastly different economic levels warring against one another very much like Africa, Europe & Asia have done during the majority of their histories. The answer to your second question is “no”.

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No. Poor areas on the winning side also get various types of toxic abuse from industry.

I was working at gound zero for the whole spill and I seem to be OK.

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