Refuting Ombugge's left wing rhetoric


The irony of people saying “globalist” and “cuck” in this thread is that Steve Bannon’s “economic nationalism” would necessarily mean some kind of industrial policy, which the US has never had partly because of an irrational fear of communism.

In a vacuum, such a policy would definitely be better than the status quo because it would mean taxing the rich more heavily and putting a stop to the systematic exporting of American jobs and so the gap between rich and poor in America would be necessarily lessened. The problem is that this right-wing populism is tinged with white nationalism and even more global militarism than we already have. With Bannon out, we got the white nationalism and increased militarism, plus a half-assed, hamfisted trade policy, and in place of actually improving the country we get dime-store patriotism, while the same capitalist class continues to profit unabated with gigantic tax cuts with no economic rationale.


I never said China would be benevolent but they are here and we have to find a way to deal with them (as well as other world players) as the old play book won’t work.


Because they don’t have a history of military aggression against their neighbours, nor any interest in taking on the responsibility and cost of being the world hegemon. Their interest is trade and security, but not by projecting military power outside their area of influence.

They use money and soft power to a much more efficient degree than USA and Europe by not coming with an attitude of superiority, at least outward.

The days when China was weak and had to bow to gun boat “diplomacy” by arrogant westerners has not been forgotten, or forgiven.

The Chinese way of getting revenge is different and may take a long time. By the time most westerners even understand that they have been “had”, the Chinese will control the world of commerce and trade without firing a shot.

You may think that is weakness, but the Chinese have survived for thousands of years by absorbing their enemies and conquerors, while the west has only held world hegemony for a couple of centuries. The way the Chinese sees it, they are just taking back their rightful position in the world.


I’d be the first to acknowledge that what we got when we got Trump is far from ideal but at least it’s a start. The same ol same ol status quo and the resulting 70 years of “accomplishments” has gotten us to financial, societal, and moral breaking points such that we are really going to have to decide what and who we’re going to be as a country moving forward. I think the next 2 and maybe 3 election cycles will show the answer to that question.


Until US citizens understand how their own government works nothing will change. Most outsiders understand that frustration with the status quo got Trump elected. But they are amazed that the same people that voted for Trump reelected their “representatives” and expected change.


More people are beginning to understand every day. Nothing will change until campaign funding is limited to one vote, one (small < $1000) contribution. No corporate funding, no PAC funding of advertising, no other contribution of any kind other than registered voters knocking on doors for the candidate they are legally allowed to vote for.

Give elections back to the people. End legalized bribery and congressional corruption. Who does your representative really represent today?


The US has ‘lost’ in Iraq because the plan for the occupation and rebuilding of the country consisted of a post-it note with “Its ok - Chalabi will sort something out” scrawled on it in crayon.

Why do you hate America so much that you imagine the mass murder of millions is a conceivable policy?


There was never a strategic long term plan for Iraq, just as there is no strategic long term plan for Afghanistan. The average US citizen has no idea what their country is trying to achieve and when it will be achieved. Soon there will be US citizens fighting in a war in Afghanistan that began before they were born. Over 60% of the USA’s discretionary spending is for war that no one has a clue as to when it when it will end or what the goal is or was. The only way to feel better about this is to buy stock in a company like General Dynamics, Raytheon, Boeing etc. At least you might get a little return on your tax investment.


The US is in Afghanistan for strategic reasons. Firstly there are about $3 trillion in mining reserves in the country that we figure we might get access to. Second is our presence prevents an overland transit route for Iranian petroleum to flow to China thus restricting Irans ability to export its oil without fear of sanction. As long as we are “there” we are accomplishing our mission.


So quite obviously the military power of USA is there to get control of whatever loote is possible, or at least to block lawful trading arrangement between sovereign stats that doesn’t bow to the one and only imperial Superpower left on earth.
As an added bonus you can “contain” your perceived enemies of Iran and China.

To admit that none of them are any REAL threat to the security of the US Homeland would be unthinkable. It may upset the lucrative “defence” business of the oligarchs that actually control “The Swamp” in Washington, which is not good for the American workers. (Or so you are told to believe)

They may refuse to accept American leadership, though, which is a threat .to American hegemony and the bank accounts of the same Billionaires.


Turn on your TV and watch Okkupert —- things would be worse than that without the US protecting Norway.


I had never heard of this TV serie before.
From the brief preview it sounds far fetched that Russia would occupy Norway on the behest of EU, but in fiction everything is possible.

Like that Russia take control of USA by manipulating an election and install a gullible President:


While looking for a link to the TV serie Amerika I came across this German music video, also called Amerika.
Enjoy, although the lyrics are mostly in German:

If you haven’t got the time or inclination to watch it on Youtube, here is at least an explanation and some reflections on the content in Politico:


I thought it was the NATO treaty that protected Norway and the other 27 member states?
US is the kingpin, but not alone. That is the purpose of the treaty.

So far Article 5 has only been invoked once, after the 9/11 attack on USA.
NATO members are still in Afghanistan in solidarity with USA, but I’m not sure for how much longer.


That looks like California before the Mexican invasion. Was that a very young Arnold Swartzenegger singing?


What would NATO do without the US providing and paying for almost everything?

Not much.



dude the soviets won a pyrrhic victory over Finland, alone, that cost thousands of Soviet lives when that was a country that had only been independent for like 20 years and was the economic and political equivalent of like, Nepal today. The idea that an irrationally aggressive but relatively poor Russia is going to roll over all the Nordics today without heroic America standing in the way is delusional. In fact it’s projection, given that the US has attacked and occupied many times more countries than every other country in the world by far since WWII.
Whatever the merits of NATO during the Cold War it was Western Europe, US, Canada, Greece and Turkey vs the entire Warsaw Pact. Now it’s those same countries plus most of Eastern Europe against… just Russia. And for all that the US hasn’t won a single war since 1945. Either the US has the most incompetent military leadership of all time or war is a racket and not to keep any country “safe”.


Payments by the individual member states are as agreed back in 1947.
The new agreement on defence spending of 2% of GDP by 2024 has nothing to do with direct monetary contribution to a common NATO budget.


Since Europeans don’t see Russia as a threat, there is no reason for the US to keep funding NATO and providing most of the troops and equipment.

NATO only provides a token handful of forces in Afghanistan. NATO, and especially the Germans, have never done much. Remember that the US had to straighten out the Balkan mess. Europe couldn’t do it.

It’s just a waste of US taxpayer money that could be better spent on Medicare for all, and tax cuts.