Refuting Ombugge's left wing rhetoric


Two way advantage, not just charity. Here is FACTS:


As I specifically stated earlier:

“For the record, I don’t have a problem with this guy. I have a problem with a system passed by the US government that allows a (previously) non citizen to better his lot in life while leaving the US citizen engineer either jobless or facing a job market with downward wage pressure from the outside.”

So, AGAIN, for the n+1th time, that’s what’s wrong with it.

So good attempt to inject race/ethnicity into the discussion to deflect (again) from the main point, but you’ll have to reach back into your globalist shill toolbox and try again.


No one has any problem with him becoming a US citizen or working in the US.

He made the statement that H1B visas are a temporary worker program, not immigration. While that was the intention, a large proportion of H1B visa receipents become permanent residents. In practice, H1B has become an immigration program (or as they say in Canada, an “immigration stream.”)

In recent years, H1B visas are also being abused by US companies to bring in cheap, mostly Indian, technical workers —-from primarily two large Indian outsourcing companies —- to replace more expensive Americans. Similar issue with visas for foreign offshore workers in the Gulf.

Different issue, but similar concept when American shipowners were allowed to flag out their ships years ago. Replace Americans earning a living wage with dirt cheap 3rd world workers.


Those times are long gone. Those billions then plus the billions since via the charity that is the UN have become a one way relationship that is long overdue for divorce.

Don’t be so upset about the charity. Even Norwegians need help sometimes.


No you did have problem with this guy, judging from these specific questions:

I have not injected race/ethnicity into the discussion, nor deflected from any valid argument.
The repeated mentioning of Indians has been by you and others.

FYI: Americans are not a single race or a single ethnicity but a polyglot of races and ethnicities.(But then i suppose you knew that?)

What is wrong with it is that it appears that greedy business owners have got away with gaming the rules with impunity, which is not the fault of the holders of H1B visa, or whoever else you blame.

The solution is to prohibit paying anybody less for the same jobs because they are foreigners on temporary work permit, immigrants, or of a different race/ethnicity/gender. (Equal pay for equal work) Other countries have such laws and enforce them.


The US has equal pay for equal work.

But with H1B the typical American company employee with seniority who is just short of a full pension is laid off, and the work is outsourced to an Indian tech company. The Indian tech company employs the H1B worker, not the American company. The Indian company pays a lot less. They man also charge the employee a job placement fee, and do whatever they want back in India.


I posed those questions to highlight the problem which I’m not going to copy/paste for the n+2nd time. Come on now… You’re sharper than this…


Oh yes you did. The “what is a real American anyway” question is a direct attempt to imply that anyone supporting limits on immigration which happens mostly from non-white countries has racial motivations for his reasoning. So like I said, put that tool back in your little Soros knapsack and come back with a real argument instead of trying to stifle discussion with race baiting comments.


Holy K-rist, where you born during a twister???


nope…I was born when the globalist storm we’re in now was just forming.

The twister I am in is the current environment where people of your ideology are actively doing everything they can to promote, institute, and maintain policies and programs that are a direct threat to the way of life in my country. A way of life that has taken hundreds of years to build and about 35 or 40 to ruin.

The fact that you’re a foreigner and thus won’t face the consequences of the “new normal” you advocate for so heavily makes it all the more grating to hear your input on how the US has got it all wrong.


FYI: USA is no long “a shining city on the hill”, or “an island onto itself”.

We live in a interdependent globalist world and you would be better off accepting that fact.
It is only a threat to American exceptionalism and world hegemony, which has outlived its useful life.

Your right wing mantra may play well in certain circle in Europe and Russia, but the majority of the next generation everywhere has got over the nationalistic diatribe that you spout.

I may be turning 75 later this year, but I’m happy to say that I have not lost the ability to accept new ideas, see ahead.

Neither have I succumb to the ideas that any one race, one religion, or one nationality is somehow superior to others.

That is what I was told when I was very young, but a lifetime of living and working with people of all races, religions, nationalities and all levels of education has thought me that is wrong. (Even for Sunnmoringer)

I recommend you to get out to see the world and learn.


Says “Johnny Flag Of Convenience / second registry.”



I’ve got a few stamps in my passport… And what I’ve seen and learned is that other countries look out for themselves first (as they should) and it’s about time we in the US start doing the same thing.


I see there is a class action suit with a bunch of indian h1b holders who have since gone back and the IT company has pocketed their tax refunds.
Only one rule in india, “exploit the workers”


Maybe one of the reasons why so many companies hire H1B people can be found here?:


I’m assuming you’re quoting this:

From that article:

“Another factor is of a more political nature: The President’s unfriendly stance on immigration is thought to have sparked renewed interest among Americans in Canadian employment as well.”

That sounds to me like the “Americans” that are “fleeing” to Canada aren’t American citizens but actually foreigners who have worked in the US on an H1-B.

This is good as increased competition should raise wages (hopefully back up to US market levels).


I actually quoted from LinkedIn, but forgot to state that. (Sorry)
The reality is that in the tech world race/religion/nationality doesn’t matter as much as in your little right wing world.

Young ambitious highly educated and highly skilled people move to wherever in the world they see opportunities, (not only $$$)

This doesn’t apply only in the tech industry, but just as much in Business, Finance and even Shipping. In our globalist world people are free to go where the want and (to an extent) work and live where they want.

Unfortunately there are some backward looking old farts that cannot handle this brave new world order and would like to go back to where freedom are curbed and restrictions are everywhere.
I’m and optimist and don’t think your crowed will win out.


This really just boils down to whether you think your country’s culture is important. The globalist view is that it doesn’t that we’re all one world and a country’s borders are arbitrary and don’t matter. The non globalist believes that his country’s borders, culture, traditions, and customs matter and are important to be preserved.

This becomes doubly important to citizens when the influx of outside people begins to affect their quality of life (via loss of good jobs and depressed wages in the remaining jobs), because yes, $$$ do matter.

This becomes triply important when entities who will not be adversely affected by this phenomenon whether foreign (yourself and George Soros and the like) or domestic (rich elites who don’t have to worry about securing a job for themselves or their family) begin advocating for these changes.

Regular people are fed up man. A otherwise ridiculous man such as Donald Trump was recently elected president of the country by appealing to this frustration.

Whether he’s given allies in the Congress over the next two election cycles and whether he or (hopefully) a better candidate with similar views is elected in 2020 will determine whether my crowd wins out or not.


Yes culture matters and evolve with changing times. The American culture has been formed over time by migrants from all over the world and will continue to do so in the future. one would hope.

The danger isn’t evolution but stagnation. If USA pull back behind it’s borders, (which is chiefly oceans) the culture will stagnate, or develop into a dangerously self-indulgent and nationalistic view of own importance and inferiority of all else.


To put things in perspective,

In land area the US is about the same size as all of Europe combined. At a bit less than 4 million square miles, the US is the 4th largest country in the World.

The US has 330 million people. Europe has 742 million. More than twice as many people on about the same land area.

The US GDP and the GDP of Europe are both approaching $20 Trillion each. The per capita GDP is more than twice as high in the US.

The US is right next door to Canada which is nearly as large as the US making it the 5th largest country in the world, but with only 35 million people.

The US is right next door to Mexico, the 15th largest country in the world (about 1/4 the size of the US). Mexico has a population of 130 million.

The US, Canada, and Mexico are incredibly resource rich nations and have a lot of arable land. The US, Canada, and Mexico are each other’s largest trading partners.