Refuting Ombugge's left wing rhetoric


European migration to the USA is not really a problem .
These are not people corporates are bringing in to swap out Americans for low pay as they wouldnt go would they?


The big fuss about Trump trying to stop certain countries was to a State Department request where the countries concerned told the USA that they cannot guarantee the identities of the people on the passports.
This data was given to Obomber but he was too scared to do anything about it.


THANK YOU… But wait… That would mean it wasn’t a"Muslim ban"? (well… That and most Muslim majority countries including the most populous weren’t included)

Not to worry though because I’m sure @ombugge will be here in no time to not only tell us how the US is racist and xenephobic but also how China is cool when they have some of the most strict immigration policies on the planet.


No, I’m actually a twice H1-B visa holder, a green card holder, and a naturalized US citizen.


That proves the point that most of the time the H1B visa is the first step on the path to immigration and citizenship.


So what is wrong with that?
USA gained a highly qualified Engineer that is contributing way above average to the maritime industry.
Here is a link to his LinkedIn account (take from his profile on this forum):


I believe US vetting to obtain visa goes way beyond just looking at the passports, especially for anybody with a “muslim” name, no matter which nationality.


the immediate issue was created by the persons already in the USA having family members join them and the USA cant really know who is coming


Of course I will oblige by way of enlighten you of the way of the world, as you obviously live in a happy bliss of ignorance of anything but what you have been spoon fed about “America #1”.

Yes China have few immigrants relative to it’s vast indigenous population and is relatively new to the game of immigration, especially by Westerners. The last time there were an influx of Westerners in China was in the 19th and early 20th century and that was not a very pleasant experience for China.

China has a long history of emigration though, especially from the southern coastal provinces. You will find Chinese settlements around S.E.Asia that date back to the 14th and 15th century.
More recently Chinese have settled in the Americas, Oceania, Africa and Europe. Still with a concentration in S.E. Asia.

America on the other hand is a country of immigrants, where everybody can trace their origin to one or more foreign country. (with few exceptions).

What is the status of migration to/from China today? Migration into China, both legal and illegal, has increase since the opening up of the economy, but is still small in relative terms.
This article may help your understanding:

Emigration, especially from North China, has increased, but is now more wide spread, with Africa as a popular destination.

Chinese tourist are now the most numerous at popular destinations throughout the world and outnumbers the traditional tourist nations of America and Europe by far.


What was his starting salary? What was the salary of the person he replaced? Or, if his position was new (i.e., he didn’t replace anyone), what was the salary that would have been required to entice a US engineer to take the job.

All of these concepts regarding “what’s wrong” with this process have been fully explained in this thread.

For the record, I don’t have a problem with this guy. I have a problem with a system passed by the US government that allows a (previously) non citizen to better his lot in life while leaving the US citizen engineer either jobless or facing a job market with downward wage pressure from the outside.

So, for the nth time, THAT’S what’s wrong with it.


How do you know he bettered his lot in live by working for ABS, or by living in USA??
With his education and background he could have worked for any company anywhere in the world.
(Or do you believe that US is still the relative “heaven on earth” it was for a while after WWII?)


Nice deflection (again).

The facts are these: post WW2, the US was undisputedly #1 (no spoon needed to digest that fact) economicly and militarily. Since then we’ve embarked on the “70 years of accomplishments” that you’re always railing about. The problem is that the last 35 or so have seen the accomplishments skew very one sidedly towards other nations at the expense of the American middle class (AMC). You are not affected by this as you are a foreign globalist who not only doesn’t care about the AMC but has consistently shown them disdain. (My guess is this is from your experience with “Louisiana rednecks” that you have previously mentioned and this is your ‘revenge’, but that’s a topic for you and your therapist).

My issue with you is your hypocrisy (i.e., complain and name call when the US wants to tighten it’s immigration policies then give China effusive praise while they do the exact same thing) and then your refusal to defend or even acknowledge it.


Because why else would he do it? If his lot was better in his home country, why didn’t he return?

Was that a serious question?


Yes it was a serious question. Maybe not in your vocabulary, but maybe he just wanted to work on a project close to his heart, not worrying only about $$$?

Who say he couldn’t make a good living if he returned his home country? Quality of life is not something counted in $$$

Besides, with his education and knowledge he could work anywhere and for any company he chose. Why he chose to live in USA and become a citizen is a personal matter, but it could be as simple as finding the love of his life in a “Texan Cowgirl”.



As stated many times, I favor an immigration system that is almost identical to Canada’s.

A “point system” that places high value on English language skills, education, productive age range,
vocational skills needed in the labor market, and ability to assimilate.

Under a system like Canada’s, young to middle aged, English speaking engineers with needed skills would have little problem immigrating to the US.

Bring on the best and the brightest, educated English speakers with skills.

The biggest immigration issue is that in recent years it has been too much too fast and has almost reached the historical high levels of 1915 which resulted in a public backlash and immigration cutback. No surprise that there is public outcry and immigration cutback now.


I wasn’t counting anything in dollars… I just observed his actions… If you go through the hassle of becoming a citizen in a new country, I think it’s safe to assume he felt that was a better option than what he had before.

In my vocabulary, that’s called bettering your lot in life.


The “last 35 or so years” have just seen a normalization of things. Get used to it.
It is not normal, or desirable for one country to live in luxury while others are having rationing of even basic necessities, which was the case for the first decade after WWII.

I have nothing against the AMCs, or any others in America and the rest of the world.
My having worked with Rednecks and Americans of all other stripes just give me a better understanding of your thinking and standpoints, for better to refute them. What is there to take revenge for?

As for my “hypocrisy”; I would turn that around and say I’m against hypocrisy in all forms and wherever it raises it’s ugly head, which I have stated repeatedly here in this forum and in deed.


they arrive with no skills so trained by skilled Americans…

Do you have any Indian software in your PC/phone/office business…no
nor does anyone in India
I rest my case.
Plenty of clever Indians but they didnt get clever in India


If you add 2xH1B + Green card + naturalized citizen he has had time to get acclimatized and integrated into the American way of life.

He has followed the law, done nothing wrong or represent any threat to America. Why should he not be regarded as a respected member of the society, in stead of as someone who “stole a job from a real American”??

Who are “real” Americans anyhow?


Of course not which is why Europe was the beneficiary of our charity to rectify that during that time.

Just saying you’re not a hypocrite doesn’t cut it when you follow that up with blatantly hypocritical rhetoric. Hence the formation of this thread.