Refuting Ombugge's left wing rhetoric


Yes that is the intent but it is not being used that way. Disney World in Orlando laid off most of their experienced and qualified IT workers to replace them with lower overhead workers from India. South California Edison did the same, there are 10’s of thousands of high paying jobs being lost to this farce. Kids are told they need to major in IT, math science etc to get a good job and then are replaced with lower cost H1-B types? There are many other temporary worker visa classifications taking US jobs. Lest you think this is limited to the high skill jobs know this. Trump has employed low skilled workers at his resorts in the USA for years claiming none are available in the USA, he is not alone. Offshore US oil rigs have foreign workers in catering staff now. The US citizen workers were laid off. All with the acquiescence of the US Coast Guard who approved it. The contract catering provider said they couldn’t find qualified US workers which everyone knows is BS. No fact checking done by immigration or the USCG. Attorneys specialize in helping employers navigate bringing in cheaper foreign workers to replace US citizens. Hell, they had a advertisement for such a service in the New Orleans airport for years. Illegal immigration is not destroying high paying jobs, temporary foreign workers are and all with the approval of congress and the executive branch. But you don’t hear anyone complain among the ruling class. They’d rather point at the guy picking your lettuce for 50 cents a box in 100 degree F heat or the guy mowing your lawn.


In many cases, the temporary worker of today, becomes the green card immigrant of tomorrow, and a new citizen in five years,


and skilled local workers are on benefit


I can think of one time Australia got skilled foreign workers post wwII ( certainly needed them then and most of Europe had better skills and experience in many fields in those days)

Somebody found out that camels milk is much better for you than cows milk but nobody in Australia knows how to milk a camel so they got guys from the middle east and started a new industry, win win.


Americans at the low end of the pay scale deserve job protections as well. The “jobs Americans won’t do” argument is just cover for “jobs Americans won’t do for the shit wages we corporations want to pay”.

I agree with you that there should be big penalties for those that employ illegal immigrants. But until there are you can’t fault Trump or anyone else for doing it because their competition is doing it.


It’s seems like most of the workers in America are “under-employed.” There are many forms of this and many reasons.

There is not much “benefit” for unemployed workers, $200 to $600 per month, but there are dozens of different welfare programs for families.

Many workers cannot get any unemployment for a lot of different reasons. America now has a lot of “gig” jobs, where employers are treated as independent contractors.


That is the intention isn’t it?? To gain talented people is not bad for the country, it is good.
How else did America managed to go from a low skill agrarian economy to the world hegemon in less than century??

Just check how many of the American Nobel Prize winners were foreign born, how many of the inventions made in the US were by foreign born and how many of the CEOs of American Fortune 500 companies who are foreign born.


How much more are American consumers willing to pay for fruit and vegetable picked by highly paid US workers??
Or how much more for sneakers or cloths made in USA for that matter.


Obviously the pay isn’t high enough to attract US workers so, do we increase the minimum wage, jail employers? I see none of the power brokers advocating for this so no change on the horizon there.
H1 B workers and other H temporary foreign workers are not immigrants they are legal foreigners brought in by corporations to replace skilled workers. I am not blaming Trump because he had rather hire cheaper labor during the winter he just games the system like his friends. The only reason the competition does it is because no one stops them. I laugh whenever I hear talk of a border wall when I know the ones taking the decent paying jobs arrive on H visas by airplane.


Highly paid is a relative term. The US minimum wage is$7.25 an hour [before taxes are deducted] it hasn’t gone up in 9 years.


true, but that was then not now.
there are still foreign born in that list but they were educated in the USA.
Unless they were graduates from utopia?


Not when the most attractive talent the employer sees is the candidate’s willingness to work for less than market wages. This depresses wages and causes a loss of jobs for the citizens.


The only reason it’s not high enough is because there are low cost options being brought in/coming in illegally (depending on which industry we’re talking about).

Will that cause the price of goods to go up? Yes it will. The bottom line is we have to decide what kind of country we want to live in. Cheap goods aren’t worth a shit if you’ve got no job/a bad job that allows no disposable income.

We’ve been racing to the bottom for 40 years now and we’re almost there.


I didn’t know Britain is “Utopia”:


It appears that actual min. wage peaked in the 1960’s (adjusted to 2016 $):

And not every worker in USA is paid the Federal Min. Wage. (Apparently totally legal):


In the US, most mariners are exempt from state and federal wage and hour laws.

Although the temp agencies now have very few jobs for Mariners, I see more Maritime employers that want to hire on a contract basis.


Temp workers from the US for US jobs are the new normal. Pay is low. When they can’t fill the jobs with US citizens they will legally bring in foreign workers because they’ll say they cannot find qualified US workers. This is happening already among the catering contractors on drilling rigs in the GOM and worked out well for them as their profits went up.


I have heard this story before, and I have hard time to believe it. The main requirement for the H1-B visa is that the employer has to show it cannot find an American worker with the skill set for said job. Jobs position needs to be posted for a certain amount of time and employer has to show either that it had no American applicant, or if it had that nobody had the required skills, expertise and knowledge stated in the posting.
What this sounds more like is that the company outsource the IT department and the company with the contract brought in temporary workers (most likely not with an H1-B, but maybe an L1) to get trained for the transition, but in the long term the IT department will most likely be based in India.
So the reason the American lost their job is not because the H1-B visa exist, but the fact that the company out sourced its IT department.


May be hard to believe but it is happening. You confuse the letter of the law with the practice. It is so common there are suits being filed in protest. Google is your friend, check it out.


You are so sadly misinformed, you must be a Congressman.