Refuting Ombugge's left wing rhetoric


Immigration is a huge problem.

A relative was an engineer at a Fortune 500 American company, a defense contractor, for 28 years. His entire department was replaced by HB1 visa workers from India. He had to train his Indian replacement and keep his mouth shut in order to get three months severance pay. This is a very wide spread problem.

MS-13 and other violent foreign drug gangs cause tremendous crime. Plenty of Russian gangsters too.

We have far too many immigrants brought here under extended family reunionification programs that are unemployable and permanent welfare receipients.

We have far too many illegal immigrants with no car insurance, no health insurance, and no intention of assimilation.

Canada (and virtually every other developed country) have immigration systems based upon economic and labor requirements with applicants selected on a objective point system that places high value on education, skills, English fluency, and ABILITY TO ASSIMULATE. We have been told for decades how progressive, humane, and wonderful the Canadian system is. Yet the minute that Trump proposed a similar system, it was immediately decried as rasist, homophobic, islamaphobic, and all the rest of list of horribles.

We indeed need an immigration system like Canada, and we need it now.


@lm1883 and @tugsailor expressed my exact thoughts to your question about why I am in favor of vastly reduced immigration so no need to repeat.

As far as this:

Very easy for a man in your (our) position to say that when our career is protected from this phenomenon by the Jones Act. Would you be willing to work for the going foreign flag rate for your position? If not, does that mean you’re lazy?

And why do you liberals have to make everything about race? How about non whites who lose their jobs to immigrants from Central and South America? Are they racist too? Or are you like our Norwegian friend and have different sets of standards for different groups?


Not the case at all. That’s why I wrote:

“…give a .008% representation of that nationality.”

If you provide numbers from other countries, I’ll be happy to do the math to point out the amazingly low percentage from that nationality as well.

Maybe you can post the number of persons from the contries included in Trump’s travel ban so we can compare… Please include in your response how their incredibly low figures are good nationalism vs. how it’s racist/xenophobic/Islamaphobic/(SJW term of the day) when the US proposes it.


Employers are not paying top dollar, they are paying below the market price for wages, which the average US National would not accept but the undocumented immigrant will. A situation has been created with an over supply of cheap non skilled labor and as a consequence wages are not rising. The labor pool has been diluted with people who will work for significant discounts to their employer. Remove 15% of the undocumented work force and see what happens to wages.

If I foreign flagged your ship tomorrow and offered you ITF wages to stay, would you? Nope. Would it be fair for me to say “Hey man, I got these guys because the Gringos didn’t want the work!”


We have a real problem with the welfare lifestyle being more comfortable than the the typical low wage job.

We need to do four things at the same time:

  1. raise minimum wage to $15
  2. Institute a $30,000 wage earner tax deduction
  3. Crackdown on employment of illegals, and
  4. Drastically cut welfare programs.

We also need to address the opioid crisis. Part of that is controlling the borders and kicking out illegals.


Hardly likely that any US flag ship, at least not from the Jones Act domestic fleet, will be re-flagged as they are not competitive. (either because of high building cost, or because of over age)

BTW; Not all foreign flag ships pay ITF wages, or are manned by “3rd world villagers”.


The number of foreigners in China is not low in real terms, but relative to total population it is.
Americans don’t normally like to compare anything in terms of “per capita”, since it tend to not come out too good for their inflated view of self.

China has a fairly large indigenous Muslim population, both of Turkic ethnicity and Han Chinese, estimated at 23 mill.:

How many migrants from various countries covered by the Trump ban?
I don’t know, nor do I understand the importance of that comparison.(???)

High or low number of migrants has nothing to do with nationalism, racism, xenophobia or islamofobia. In fact those ugly traits tend to be more prevalent in countries with low numbers than where there are many.

The Chinese are proud people and to some extent intolerant to foreigners, especially intermarriage. This doesn’t manifest itself in ugly acts of violence, or nationalistic demonstrations etc.
The Economist addressed Chinese racism in a recent issue:


What’s the point of saying this? It’s both gratuitously unpleasant and silly.


Nice attempt to deflect the question (again), but their indigenous population is not in question. The question was how many immigrants and/or refugees they have taken in from the travel ban countries. The reason you don’t want to answer is because it will shine brightly into your hypocrisy (again) when you sing the praises of China while calling the US racist/xenophobic/etc. for doing the same thing. That is why the comparison is important.


Put simply. He cannot help himself. The consummate troll with generalizations galore.


US Ships are in flagged and out flagged just like any other fleet. Figured you’d be up to speed on that.


I know that the Geysir was flagged out to Norway and back to US some years later, but other than that?

In the US “Blue water fleet” it is common practise I know. Mostly by US subsidiaries of foreign shipping companies and foreign built ship involved. (Although I have been involved with US built tankers that was to become FPSOs)


It is nevertheless true. Americans like to call themselves “richest country in the world”, although it is only so by way of being the largest single national economy, not in GDP per capita. (Just one example of many)


Not an attempt to deflect anything, nor is there any need to.
I have no idea how many of the thousands of people from different countries are what nationality and definitely not what religion they belong to, since that is not part of any available statistics.

To moreover single out how many from countries that Trump has singled out would be even more futile and of no interest to anybody but you, I believe.

I’m not “singing the prises” of China, but at least I have the advantage of having some knowledge of China, both from personal experience and from reading unbiased books, articles and news reports for many years.

“Generalizations galore” is how I would describe some of the comments that has come here, not only on China but about the world outside USA in general. (NO I DID NOT SAY ALL)


Curious, you posted something you knew to be false. Why?


Me no understand forstaar???


mmigration is a huge problem.

A relative was an engineer at a Fortune 500 American company, a defense contractor. His entire department was replaced by HB1 visa workers from India. He had to train his Indian replacement and keep his mouth shut in order to get three months severance pay. This is a very wide spread problem.

H1-B’s are not immigrants. They are temporary workers brought in by US corporations in order to increase profits because they cost less. They are a scourge on skilled workers in the USA but you’ll look long and hard before you find a congressman that wants to do anything about it. Because, well campaign contributions [bribes] paid by deep pocket corporations rule.


Immigration served a purpose after WWII but since then its just countries with welfare regimes helping tyrants kickout people they want rid of or criminals on the run in most cases.
Broke governments welcome them in as you get a quick boost in GDP but explain to me what job an illiterate unskilled person can do in a country with minimum wages where everyone is skilled?
Oh ,we dont care as you have welfare thats why we came…


Isn’t the intent to help US companies find skilled and highly educated people to fill positions for which they cannot find suitable candidates in USA?:

At the same time it is a tool to attract such peoples to take up a more permanent position and maybe even become US Citizens.
To get fully educated people to join the work force at no cost is a VERY smart move.
Every smart country in the world is trying to improve their “gene pool” by doing the same.


the lets get skilled workers from overseas is a complete scam.
it should be called lets find English speakers who will work for nothing if they think they will get a passport

Where is this magic kingdom with world class education system yet everyone wants to leave?
Is that utopia where the government spent all its money on education but doesnt have a modern economy or they just forgot about it?
All the university lecturers in utopia are the skilled people the modern countries threw out not to mention the resources in the university?