Refuting Ombugge's left wing rhetoric


Look out for “their people”? You mean Somalians?


Yes Somalians too, if they are legal residents, or approved refugees.
Why should nationality (or religion) make a difference?


What’s that? Legal status should have a bearing on what benefits a person should be eligible for? I could’ve SWORN you’ve been the first one to throw around terms like racist, xenophobic, etc. when that EXACT same concept has been discussed on this forum in the past… Please do explain the difference…


Please show where I have said “racist” or “xenophobic” about anything to do with welfare for legal residents, or refugees anywhere??

I have stated that the way Norway and other countries are treating Asylum seekers, by keeping them in suspense for years, boarder on racism and is caused by xenophobia. That I stand by.

That I find racism and xenophobia stupid and based on lack of knowledge about foreign peoples and cultures, no matter where in the world it raises it’s ugly head, is no secret.

As you may know, the only terrorists attack there have been in Norway since WWII was caused by a full blooded Norwegian with just such stupid ideas.

You are probably believing that everything is centered around things American and USA?
I can assure you, it does not in my book.


What about the people without paperwork? They get nothing, sent home or what?


Many are either leaving voluntarily, or being transported back to their country of origin with police escort. What I dislike is that the political bosses have set “quotas” for the bureaucrats to fill every year, which result in a rush to find any little excuse to send people out, even unaccompanied children, to countries that they have never seen, or is not regarded as safe for repatriation by UNHCR.

Another situation is where somebody have been refused asylum but their home country refuse to accept them, or Norway deem it unsafe to send them back because they may face prosecution, or even execution if they are returned.
In such cases they are kept in open reception facilities and given support, but are not allowed to work, even as volunteers.

Many just disappears and move to other European countries, trying their luck there. Many end up sleeping rough in Paris and other major cities, with little or no hope of getting asylum.

This is a major problem for Europe and breeding ground for radicalism and recruitment to criminal gangs etc. It is a ticking bomb that need to be addressed, but xenophobia and paranoia makes it almost impossible to do so.


And the show goes on in that playpen called Washington DC:

How silly can it get??


Yeah the politization of the FBI is definitely pretty silly. Another thing ‘accomplished’ over the last 70 years.

The silliest thing is that he keeps a pension at all. The frickin HEAD of the FBI leaks stuff to the press for purely political purposes and then “isn’t forthcoming enough” (aka, lies) about it when confronted??? That should be the civilian equivalent of a dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all benefits. That should apply to Republicans and Democrats (and yes Bugge, all races, genders, religions, and sexual orientations as well)


It can get quite a bit more silly. Like having a foreigner explain all the faults of a country and system he knows very little about.

America is big. Each of our states is like a country in euroland. Even with the recent forced “diversity” of the euro, the countries are still fairly homogeneous compared to the USA. Direct comparisons are foolish and a waste of time.


You men Washington Post is FOREIGN?? I was of the mistake opinion it was one of the oldest and most respected newspaper in USA.

Yes it is a bit silly when you have to have a foreigner explaining all the faults of your country and it’s dysfunctional system, but somebody have to do it. Ohh the hardship!!!

When it comes to knowledge of foreign countries I’ll say you are lacking a bit.
If you want to compare “Euroland” with USA and diversity of both, you need to look at a thousand year history of Europe and a couple of hundred for USA. Divers European nationalities, ethnicities and languages goes back a long time, while USA is a melting pot that has formed into one culture made up of many different people from all parts of the world.

In many parts of Europe there are now as much diversity of races and religions as in USA.
Even little cold and remote Norway have more foreign born residents then USA in % ( 14.8% vs. 12.9%)

This is contrary to what was stated in the US press recently, calling Norway a homogeneous and lilly white country. (It just goes to prove my point about knowledge of foreign countries, even by the US media)

EDIT: OOOps, I was quoting FORBES in that latest post one. That publication is maybe more believable to a right wing leading audience, though.


That’s correct, you were indeed mistaken.

Any publication that has become as blatantly biased and one sided as that one has is respected only in the most liberal, left wing, globalist circles. Therefore it makes sense why you would hold the Washington Post in high regard based on your constant parroting of that toxic agenda on various threads on this forum.


Looks like USA is trying to export their problems across the border to Canada:

Build a wall!!!


Refreshing to hear you finally acknowledge that unchecked inflows of persons unknown from countries unknown all outside the bounds of the law is in fact a problem. I know that was tough for you…

As far as where that problem goes is not my concern. If Canada doesn’t like it, then they should pitch in on the southern wall.


Yes everybody should stick to reading Breitbart and The Blaze and watching Fox News for unbiased news and world view. All those “Fake News” sources. like WP, NYT, CNN etc. and all foreign news should be banned.
Then Everybody would have a balanced view of the world and know what is good for them (I.e. for the US elite)


That’s the key…I read 2 sites… Fox and CNN so I can get perspectives from both sides. I find that most times my personal views align more with Fox but that doesn’t make me stop reading the other. I haven’t seen an ounce of willingness on your part to consider the other side. It’s full bore left wing sounds bites for you and if anybody else has an opinion, then they’re racist, xenophobic, rednecks.


The silly left wing stuff that Omuggee spouts often sounds like he is repeating lines right out Jan’s script on Lilyhammer.

For my fellow Americans, Lilyhammer is a Norwegian TV show. It’s sort of the Sopranos go to Norway and meet the Norwegian Three Stooges. Jan is an extra one of the Three Stooges. Jan’s job is too help new immigrants learn to be sensitive and tolerant Norwegian snowflakes.


Try watching and reading something else then just Fox News and CNN America.
I can recommend you you BBC World News and The Economist for some unbiased news, both from America and the rest of the world. Al Jazeera is also very informative.

Watching RT America:
And/or CCTV America:
wouldn’t hurt to get a better understanding of the other side and the big picture.
Myself, I do watch Fox News from time to time, but it is not one of the channels I subscribe to.

As to left leaning; I presume that nearly the whole world is “left leaning” seen from an American standard point. In Europe, even Bernie Sanders would be a right winger.
Even the far right parties in Europe would be left of center in US politics, not to mention the more mainstream parties, like the Tories in UK, or CDU in Germany etc.


I have only seen one episode of Lilyhammer, since it was not shown in Singapore, but it does stereotype both Norwegian and Americans in a fun way.
An uninformed NY gangster planted in a small innocent inland (Mid-west eqv.) town in Norway is a bit of a cultural shock to both parties.
The American audience see stupid Norwegians that doesn’t understand the ways of the big city and speak with a funny accent.
The Norwegian see an ignorant American that speaks loudly and doesn’t know anything about the world outside.


Uh huh… Based on his latest speech and the recently removed “irritant” that are term limits, Xi sounds like he’s all about peace and prosperity for all (all Chinese that is).

By the way, where is your disdain for nationalism when it comes to the Chinese expressing it? Where is your disdain for countries not accepting “refugees” when it’s the Chinese (or Japanese or S. Koreans or Russians) not accepting them? How do you justify your hypocrisy?


It is the 15th Anniversary of the start of the Iraq War today.
I don’t expect much celebration anywhere, but at least The Atlantic have a memorial picture series to commemorate the futility of the war: