I’m looking into finding a Capt./Mate job on OSVs I will be at Beier in Jan. for basic DP and plan knock on doors after class is over. Should I sign up with a recruiter and give up the pay or see what comes from being down there. I currently hold 1600 Oceans MOTV. PS I’m not another Yankee looking to get in the oil patch, just a good old boy from VA looking to not work for Yankees.

Forget the Yankee crap. Never pay a recruiter. If a company will not pay the recruiter, you probably wouldn’t want to work for them.

A 'necker like you would fit right in down there! It even smells like Reedville if the wind is blowing the right way.

Dont pay a recruiter. You have the license they like, just stop by some offices and introduce yourself.

Good luck!