Reboot Your Airbus Periodically

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has issued an airworthiness directive for older Airbus A350s that the software should be rebooted before 149 hours of continuous service or bad things will happen.

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(Got the tip from Gizmodo)



Must be running NT v3.x. Though I think the recommended interval for that was more like 48 hours.

The reboot requirement has been around for two years. The new AD says ones that have been updated don’t have to do it any more.

Yeah, got led astray there :frowning:



NT 3.5 ran for years never heard of any issues

The old intel card based Kongsberg DP systems ( SDP?) asked for reboot once a year as there was some memory leak that was never solved

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Maybe 3.0? It was a long time ago now. I didn’t get involved with NT until W2k I think – was using Unix and OS/2 and the non-NT Windows builds before that.

The drilling chairs on the Deepwater Horizon ran on NT. They crashed continually. When the Chief Counsel’s asked the vendor (NOV) for access to a system and information NOV told them to pound sand. And since the Senate denied the Chief Counsel’s request for subpoena power that was the end of it. One more thing we’ll never know.


Talk about going in with both hands tied behind…