Reading Books from a Mariner's Perpective

Only read The Captain and one other of his books, didn’t realize he’d written so many others.

When he was 10 year old, de Hartog ran away to become a cabin boy on board a Dutch fishing boat. Despite his father having returned de Hartog home, when he was 12 years old, de Hartog ran away to a steamer in the Baltic

Currently reading Eric Hoffer’s non-fiction “The True Believer” (it’s not a sea yarn). Hoffer was a blue-collar philosopher who wrote the book in 1951 while working as a longshoreman in San Francisco.
He unfolds a variety of arguments in terms of applied world history and social psychology to explain why mass movements arise to challenge the status quo. It’s not an easy read but his conclusions are as relevant as ever in today’s climate of mass discord.

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ATLAS SHRUGGED is from the 50s, but becomes more and more relevant everyday. I haven’t read it 20 years, but I recently watched the three part movie.

GREY SEAS UNDER would make an excellent movie.

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“The Key” is playing on TUBI. Never heard of it, but intend to watch the film now.

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May be of interest to some here:
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