Reading a Maersk Container Stowage Plan?

I am in need of help here, are there any mates that could help me with reading a Maersk Stowage Plan? Above deck it is standard, but below deck the container numbering system is not the same. ie: a container below deck on the centerline in bay 13 on the tanktop reads: G50165F.2 not 130010 as it does with an APL plan. Can anyone make sense of this? What is the system here?

Thank you!

The number string you mentioned has no correlation on a Maersk load plan.

Container position numbering is regulated by IMO, so the EDI file which actualy is a form of text file, can be read by variety of loading softwares.
This means there is no such thing as “maersk stowage position”
So the Turtle may be right.

The different number may refer to position on the terminal, or something else. I dont think its a position in the hold.

Your number looks like a port location not shipboard. I was a hazardous container survbeyor for a while and would look at this a s being a container in port area G, row 501, stack 65F and positioned 2 high in the stack.

Hope that helps

I think Jack is right on.