Raft "Trumpfloat One"

Some young men in Fosnavaag, (home of several of the major Offshore Shipping companies in Norway) got bored of playing computer games on their long breaks from their trips to sea. They decided to built a raft as a more social activity.

Since they needed a theme and name for their project, and since Trump had just been elected President of USA when they started, they settled for the name “Trumpfloat One”.
As any good vessel they had to have a superstructure, which aptly got the name “Trump Tower”.

Here is some picture of the “Trumpfloat One” in all her glory on a trip during a glorious summer day:

Note that the superstructure is Fwrd. and Rescue Zone has been duly painted on the sides, as can be expected when you build a raft in a place like Fosnavaag.
There is also a Jacuzzi and a “Blobb” (whatever that may be)

The name is prominently displayed on the side in big letters, as becoming a raft named up after a big man.
The Engineer has found his favourit position, taking orders from the Bridge Team:

They are looking the wrong way here, but don’t worry, they hold appropriate STCW’10 certificates and have attended Bridge Team Management course.

The rest of the crew is relaxing on the promenade deck:

There is also a sun deck, with a palm tree for shade. (OK there are no palms in Fosnavaag, so a birch tree will have to play the part):

At anchor. Time for some rest. The crew assemble in the Mess room:

Style has to be kept on board, hence the table cloth on the dining table.

While the grill is going in the galley:

The Cook is on holiday on Bali, so the crew has to take turn tending the grill on this trip.

The article in smp.no today is behind a paywall so I have used GT to translate a bit of it:


Suggestion. Name the little room inside the “tower” the Mike Pence Closet.


… and build a floating wall around it.


A blob is a large partially inflated bag that is then floated and anchored. One (usually smaller person) sits on it while a bigger person jumps on the other end launching the other person up and into the water. It’s quite a bit of fun.

Edit- it’s the large red/yellow/black thing in the first picture.

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they even have a custom made table cloth… for a american mariner I am surprised to see this interest in american issues!

You shouldn’t be surprised. It should be no surprise that people like these raft builders keep themselves informed of what is in the news about the world in general and the US in particular. What goes on in USA and what POTUS say and do affects the entire world.

Probably not custom made, but a souvenir picked up somewhere in the US. After all these people are from Fosnavaag, the home port of offshore vessels operating worldwide, incl. in the GoM.
I don’t know if any of those work there, but a lot of others in the neighbourhood do from time to time.

I am amazed that Trump is so popular in Norway that these kids want to use his name and be associated with him.

A few years ago when I worked with Norwegians the thing that amazed me the most was that many of them knew all the words and could sing American pop music: Elvis, Beach Boys, Eagles, you name it.

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Everyone are welcome aboard for a Trip :rofl: