R/V Sikulliaq Chief Mate/ Relief Master


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Job Posting Summary
[TD=“class: tableInLtShade, width: 33%, bgcolor: #F5F6F7”]The Chief Mate/Relief Master of the R/V SIKULIAQ serves at the direction of the Master, who is in overall command of all personnel and operations aboard the R/V SIKULIAQ. The Chief Mate will assist in leading and managing the global class, oceanographic research vessel, of the University National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS). The Chief Mate, at the direction of the Master will have reporting responsibilities to include, vessel safety, security, legal effectiveness of the research vessel, crew and scientists aboard. This position requires command-at-sea experience and familiarity with oceanographic research ship operations in support of ocean research, with a primary emphasis in high latitudes / polar region oceans. The Chief Mate, when in the position of Relief Master, then has overall vessel command. Position assists/directs the planned logistics and prepares vessel for upcoming science missions in coordination with the Engineering, Senior Cook and Shipboard Science Systems Support Personnel, Port Engineer and SMC Marine Superintendent. SIKULIAQ will have a crew of 20 (7 deck; 8 engineering; 3 steward; 2 Shipboard Science Systems Support personnel)
The R/V SIKULIAQ is operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks - Seward Marine Center with home port Seward, Alaska. The Seward Marine Center (SMC) campus is a 13 acre field station under the School of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences on the waterfront of Resurrection Bay (see www.seward.com).
This is an exempt position, Grade 80. Placement will be DOE. There will be additional compensation for time spent at sea. Reimbursement for some relocation expenses may be available, relocation is not mandatory for employment. UAF Benefits information: http://www.alaska.edu/benefits/
Qualified applicants must possess a current valid U.S. Coast Guard Unlimited Oceans Masters license and Merchant Mariners credential. Radar Observer Unlimited endorsement; STCW-95 certificate as Master, GMDSS Operator, U.S. Passport. Education and experience to perform the duties expected aboard an ocean class ice capable vessel experience.
The 261’ global class research vessel will have a full load displacement of 3665 LT’s. The diesel electric propulsion system operation utilizes an integrated power plant concept, providing 5750hp of propulsion power through frequency drives and a/c main motors to two fully azimuthing z-drives. R/V SIKULIAQ information: www.sfos.uaf.edu/sikuliaq/

Knowledge, skills and abilities required for this position.
US Coast Guard rules and regulations; regulations and requirements as in inspected vessel under 46 CFR Subchapter U; American Bureau of Shipping classification; Hazardous Materials; SOLAS; ISM; OSHA regulations;

Typical education or training required for this position (including licenses).
U.S. Coast Guard Unlimited Tonnage Oceans Master License and Merchant Mariners credential required. STCW-95 certificate as Master, GMDSS Operator endorsement, Radar Observer Unlimited endorsement; U.S. Passport. Education and experience to perform the duties expected aboard are based on ocean class Ice-capable vessel experience.

Length of time and type of experience required for this position.
Minimum level of experience, at least three years as Chief Mate/Relief Master, Unlimited Tonnage Oceans credential.

Preferred knowledge, skills or abilities for this position.
Ice Operation/Ice Navigation endorsement on Merchant license. Experience aboard Oceanographic research ships supporting ice operations.


Sikulliaq crewing up

Master Completed
Chief Engineer Completed
Chief Mate Recruitment closed- in search committee process
1st Assistant Engineer Completed
2nd Assistant Engineer May 2013
3rd Assistant Engineer May 2013
Shipboard Science Systems Engineer I Completed
Shipboard Science Systems Engineer II April 2013
QMED May 2013
QMED May 2013
2nd Mate June 2013
3rd Mate June 2013
Chief Boatswain June 2013
QMED (electrical endorsement) March 2013 (recruitment closes 2/27/13)
QMED (electrical endorsement) May 2013
Senior Cook June 2013
AB June 2013
AB (3 positions) July 2013
2nd Cook July 2013
Steward July 2013
New marine Technician July 2013

[QUOTE=Flyer69;94967]https://www.uakjobs.com/applicants/Central?quickFind=79773[/QUOTE] I noticed that they want an "Ice Operation/Ice Navigation endorsement on the MMC. I just looked that up on the NMC website and I’m coming up blank. Anyone ever hear of this endorsement?

There isn’t one. You just submit qualifying time, or course to USCG/NMC, and they keep a record. They may come out with an endorsement down the road.

Fyi: This is a continuous running now hiring on their website since the ship was new. May be a position or two to fill, but not that entire list.

Comment on IMO requirements for Polar Navigation, which is coming into force 01. Jan. 2017: http://www.hellenicshippingnews.com/sailing-in-the-polar-region-requirements-for-seafarers/

UAK sent the original crew to the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University, St Johns, NL for ice navigations courses/certs. from what I was told by a colleague.

Since I mentioned Newfoundland, I have no choice…

-A Newfie is walking home kicking old bottles, when a genie pops out of one. “I can grant you three wishes,” says the genie, “so choose wisely.” The Newfie says “Give me a beer that’ll never run out.” A bottle appears in the Newfie’s hand and he downs it, but when we pulls it away from his mouth it’s still full. The happy Newfie continues walking home. The genie says “Hey, you still have two wishes left!” “Oh,” says the Newfie, “gimme two more of these then!”

If you are Canadian, you will understand.

[QUOTE=ombugge;192878]Comment on IMO requirements for Polar Navigation, which is coming into force 01. Jan. 2017: http://www.hellenicshippingnews.com/sailing-in-the-polar-region-requirements-for-seafarers/[/QUOTE]

Yes,correct…but still as of now the NMC is not issuing an endorsement.

NMC started issuing Basic and Advanced Polar Code STCW Endorsements this month to qualified individuals.

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Polar Code Endorsement Policy Letter.

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