Questions about getting a Entry Level Position

<br>Hello. I’m trying to get my foot in the door in the GOM Oil field on a boat.<br>I’m 26 years old, and I live in Louisiana. My previous jobs were<br>truck driving and warehouse logistics. <br>I am at the point in my life where I am in search of a good paying <br>professional career with a REAL future. I am willing to start from the<br>bottom and do what it takes to get myself there.<br><br>I hope someone can step up and answer my newbie questions.<br><br>1)Do I have to have a U.S. Merchant Mariner’s document (Z-card)<br> and a STCW training before I can even drive down to apply for jobs?<br> Or is this something I can get during company training?<br><br>2) Approximately how long does it take to get these minimum documents <br>from the Coast Guard?<br><br>3)What are good companies for a greenhorn to start with? Which companies are<br>hiring for OS’s right now?<br><br>I really need to make this happen ASAP, so if anyone has been through the <br>new hire process recently or can offer any words of advice, it is much appreciated.<br><br><br>Thank You,<br><br>Daniel

Dandood,<br><br>This will help you get started:<br><br>Click on “Search” at the top of the page<br>Enter “sneefers” in the search box, and select “comments” for the search type. <br><br>This will bring up a bunch of discussions that apply directly to your situation. <br><br>Good luck!

Im kind of in the same boat, My MMD application is at the NMC right now but when that comes thats all I will have… Is getting BST myself before going out to look for work pretty much the only chance ill have at finding something? <br><br> And am I at a disadvantage living in Richmond, Virginia? Seems too far from GOM for anyone there to want me and I have no clue who and where to look for work on the east coast.<br><br> Im hopeing I can get on somewhere without having to pay the $1000 for STCW basic safety. Would like to find someone that will do that for me.

I was planning to take the STCW 5 day course at L.E. Fletcher Technical Community College in Houma, but they’ve been damaged and closed due to Hurricane Gustav and Ike. <br><br>"<strong>Classes at Fletcher’s Louisiana Marine and Petroleum Institute (331
Dickson Road) are closed until further notice due to damage from
Hurricane Ike."<br><br>How long does the process take to get the Z-card?<br></strong>

Once you have everything submitted to the Coast Guard, about six to eight weeks. You need a TWIC card too.

I have a TWIC, MMD, 100Ton Master, 200Ton Mate, Unlimited Radar, and 1200 days at sea and still cant seem to find a job in the G.O.M. Once you get all your credentials plan on making a trip down to knock on doors!

FedExMike,<br><br>Distance is not an issue. The company I work with has crewmembers from all over, east coast to west coast. We actually had 1 AB who lived in Italy with his wife and would transit over for his hitch. GOM is a good place to work also.

Well my MMD is here. Only took about 3 weeks… not bad! <br>So now what? shell out about $1,000 for BST or start looking for work as an OS and hope I find someone that will pay for the training? I need a job FAST.

Pack up, get on your pony and head to the bayou. Come prepared to stay for 30 or 35 days. And don’t have any preconceptions about where you’re headed. You’re coming to the 21st century equivelant of the California Gold Rush…with the addition of hurricanes, mosquitoes, green headed flies and 'gators. And boats. Lots and lots of boats.<br><br>Accomodations are scarce and some of the ones available are, shall we say, primitive. It’s a long way from Richmond…hell, its a long way from anywhere!<br><br>I like South Louisiana myself. Mostly good people, pretty country, good food and lots of opportunity if you’re man enough to take advantage of it. It IS, however, Louisiana, with more corruption and crooked politics than you’ve ever imagined. With the economic engine that the region has become, nothing is going to change the way business is done “on the bayou”. Pretty much anything goes and it’s “root pig or lose your 'tater”. If the boss doesn’t like the shirt you’re wearing tomorrow morning, you’re history. <br><br>As long as they need people to fill slots, employment is pretty secure, if you do your job. When the downturn comes (and it will) the line you’re walking will become considerably narrower.<br><br>Bottom line: Go knock on doors in Galliano, Golden Meadow, Morgan City, LaRose, Houma and many other places. Sell yourself. Be prepared to suffer some bad conditions for a while. And get a job. It may be bad at first, but it will get better. We all start at the bottom. If it was as good at the bottom as it is at the top, nobody would be climbing. Hell, if it was fun everybody would be doing it.<br><br>Good luck.

i recently took my bst course and then went to the rec to submit my papers for my certificate. turns out that you need 6 months sea time(50% over 200grt) and the rfpnw assesments for them to issue a stcw certificate(nmc policy letter 14-02).

<P>Capt. Nemo,<br><br>You for got to mention the Fire Ants sir! <br><br>Also, for those damn yankees from the west coast its gona be a bit diffrent. Be sure to say, yes mam and yes sir. Also, learn the diffrence between Son and Boy as in, Son what are you doin?<br><br>Just a few observations from a former west coast yankee.<br>Bob</P>

Learn to say your boat’s name first before the other guy when you’re on the rad-ee-o down there.