Is it customary for during operations of moving anchors that the crew members that are off watch be allowed to be asleep in their bunk rooms. I am by no means a captain or chief but it just seems to me that if their asleep while having 18 tonne Bruce anchors plus the weight of the chain hanging over the stern of the vessel it would not be a very good thing. I believe I would want every crew member awake and alert Or at least close to an hatch or ally way? Been reading about the incident with the “Bourbon Dolphin” and it just made me curious.

Anchor boats work 24/7. The Dolphin was an isolated incident. The master took some risks, gambled and lost. Anchor handling is a challenging, dangerous job and if you don’t respect it and do it right, you can die. That is why the guys with those jobs and experience get the big bucks.

BMCS thank you for your reply.