Question to all captain

[QUOTE=stevo;140910]Please can i have a serious answer[/QUOTE]

maybe it is just not possible to get one here…as this is a silly place



[QUOTE=LI_Domer;140914]Restate you question in a way that makes more sense. It’s poorly worded and it presupposes that one “pillar” or whatever you want to call them, is more important than the others.[/QUOTE]

I think the entire original question was highly subjective and unable to be truly answered by anyone.

besides don’t pillars hold up girders in holds so I would think the must important girder is the one which keeps the ship from buckling in two

suddenly, I am struck that the next KP Beat Meat Retreat will be a reenactment of all the musical numbers of Monty Python starting with the Liberty Bell March and ending with the Galaxy Song from Meaning of Life with every other piece inbetween, particularly the Lumberjack Song sung in the memory of Lcdr. Mund, Orlando Gotay and all the “special” midshipmen who attended all the gala Greek toga social functions held at the commander’s residence. I must wonder how many of those “special” middies were also members of the band?