QMED Oiler - Need help meeting 90 Day recency clause

				Hello Everyone

I am looking to continue my mariner career (I do have QMED / Oiler / TWIC and Passport documents). I have 11 years in the US Navy as a Boiler Tech/operator/repairman, 5 years performing ship overhauls/repairs as a Project Manager. I also have three years operating a Test Facility where we overhauled every piece of equipment on the USS Enterprise and I performed performance certification on each. I recently decided to get back to my mariner roots and Applied for my DDE Unlimited license (I do have sufficient seatime) however I do not meet the “Recency Clause” of 90 days in the past Three years, so I received my QMED / Oiler documents until I can get those 90 days. If anyone needs or knows of a position that would assist me in this I would appreciate discussing any position you have that could benefit both of us.