Process for a recent us Citizen to get C/E unlimited license

I have been going though this forum though which i have learned a lot about American Merchant Mariners life and share with you all, the difficult navigation involved with NMC and getting a license in a timely manner.
I migrated to this country legally in 1998. At that time i was a C/E on board oil tankers(1989~1997) carrying oil from middle east to various US ports and i have a sea time as 3rd engineer 564 days, 2nd engineer 799 days and C/E 471 days on board oil tankers(product, crude, obo) varying in size from 60,000 MT to 150,000 with a hp > 18000 and C/E license issued from India in 1994 and renewed it as per the changing regulations and now it is valid till 2016. I have a Diploma(4 years) in Marine Engineering from Indian Navy and served on board various warships for 10 years as Chief Engine Room Artificer In charge in steam,gar turbine and diesel propelled ships with a hp > 36000. I became US citizen in 2006 and applied for my C/E license in 2008 at REC ST.Louis. After a 3 months scrutiny i was told to complete 3 months recency in the last 3 years and re do all my stcw courses. This year i sailed in a oil tanker for 3 months as 2nd Engineer to complete my recency requirement, and re done all the stcw courses asked at South Central Louisiana Technical College, at Morgan city and reapplied for C/E license on 24th Oct 2014.
I have been calling NMC and finally to day i am able to talk to an evaluator and they are working on my application
My question to knowledgeable members on this forum,
i want to know if any one of you gone through this route to get your C/E license and NMC issued you a C/E unlimited license?
As per Coast guard document ‘foreign_service.pdf’ Mariners on the Engine side may qualify for a license up to the Management level (i.e., Chief
Engineer) with foreign sea service and i request your inputs if this rule is applied.