Pre employment drug test

I got a Refusal to test on pre employment drug test. It been 2 weeks and my license is still valid. How long does it take for coast guard to act? And is it possible it won’t be reported?

Serious answer only please. No old timer lectures please.

You are not going to get the answer you want with a question like that. It will happen much quicker for a refusal.


Well how should I word it?

Provided you are talking about an employer being involved, and provided the that in the circumstances the employer decided to report you, you should expect to be contacted by the USCG in a week. Two at the outside.

I’ve never had a licensed applicant refuse a pre-employment test. If I had, to be honest, I don’t know if I would bother to report them. I would just move on to the next applicant. My guess is a lot of employers wouldn’t trouble with it either.


It was for an employer. It been about 2 weeks and I’ve heard nothing. I was thinking that they didn’t report it because it would be a waste of time on their end. They just sent me home and I haven’t heard anything since.

Dumb question – why apply if you’re going to refuse the test?