Portugese container ship almost grounded

Close call of Portugese container ship Valdivia, on its way from Antwerp to Helsinki, that nearly ran aground at Flushing beach yesterday at 21.30 hours. They were already past the fairway buoy. It looks like they had steering engine problems, but that was then resolved just in the nick of time. Probably the starboard bilge keel is left at Flushing as a souvenir…

At least seven people, including some childre were swept into the sea on the beach of Vlissingen by a a ship’s stern wave. That wave was caused by a passing ship that travelled much too fast. That is remarkable as the ship had a pilot on board who should have known better. A complaint was sent to the owners of the ship.

Ships pass much too close to the beach and when vessels do that at a much too fast speed enormous waves sweep the beach. Last year even a number of children and grown ups were swept into the sea.

Judging by the prop wash in the top video, I’d say he did touch bottom after he turned parallel to the beach and managed to power through it.

Or plough through it…:wink:

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I think a TP shortage is about to occur.

In Flushing? Oh noes! :wink:

Thanks for the chuckle.