Port of Oakland shut down by dockworkers in observation of Juneteenth

George Floyd’s death was tragic, but the reaction has been insane.

Here in the UK some students at one of countries top universities might be getting more lenient marking in exams because of trauma they experienced from George Floyd’s death.

The power of social media is remarkable, I knew young people in the UK were getting Americanised, but I didn’t realize just how much until now.

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This was inevitable in a country that has spent the better part of forty years in full austerity mode except for security and various scams. There’s no way for the state to correct its excesses when it does not believe itself to be legitimate and so we’re locked in to this cycle of escalating brutality. No one is at the wheel.


I’m not a fan of death & will never deliberately watch an execution or someone dying. I have not watched the video of George Floyd’s last minutes on Earth because of this opinion & agree watching a person slowly dying “Should” be traumatic no matter where it happens. Too bad for all the people traumatized by watching George Floyd’s death but what is worse, for many it will be easier the next time they watch something similar.

Concerning our physical health, we are what we eat. Concerning our mental health, we are the thoughts we put into our heads.

Are you taking Oxford’s explanation at face value? Consider the possibility that the people who run that institution may not know what they are doing.

What’s that saying about some mariners being competent only in good weather?