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Were can I find USCG OCMI policy letters on the internet?

I am looking for this one

OCMI Policy 1-C-96

This allows people to move from Mate 500 to Master 500 or DDE 4,000 to DDE Unlimited with just 180 12-hour days at the lower level vs. the 240 required by the rules. Moreover, the higher license is not restricted in any way. To make this move the person must:
1.Complete a Coast Guard approved course sponsored by the company, which can be either an in-house program or conducted by a third party. The course must include a “Coast Guard Approved training book” but not necessarily an end of training, company practical/written exam.
2.Pass the standard USCG exam.
3.Be recommended in writing by the company Verifying Officer for the higher license, "based on the Master’s/Chief Engineer’s observations of the applicant during training and on the job."
4.Hold the “unrestricted” 500 ton Mate or DDE 4,000 HP license. (To take maximum advantage of the service time reduction, the individual should obtain this license when he has 480 12-hour days.)
5.Be qualified in all other regards for the license.
6.Be observed in a working capacity for at least 30 days to enter this program if coming from a different employer and holding an unrestricted 500 ton Mate or DDE 4,000 HP license.

Other conditions:
1.Anyone changing companies during the training period will lose all the progress in their training record book made toward the non-restricted, higher license and will have to start over with the new employer.

Since centralizing of NMC, most local OCMI policies on licensing are no longer valid. The one you’re looking for sounds suspect, it appears to be re-writing the CFR.

[quote=Mr 100-ton;11358]Were can I find USCG OCMI policy letters on the internet?

I am looking for this one

OCMI Policy 1-C-96


That looks to have been from 1996. There have been HUGE changes in licensing since then, not the least of which is STCW 95, which means that the letter is probably no longer in effect.

Even if you get a copy of it, the NMC will probably tell you that you aren’t eligible for the license. Check the newest editions of 46 CFR for the up to date requirements (you can google that and read it from the GPO site) before you waste time and money applying for a license that you proabably can’t get that way anymore. The licenses stuff is at the begining parts of 46 CFR, but I am not sure exactly which part for the license that you are looking for.