Polar/ConocoPhillips officer info?

I highly doubt it. Without the PIC you can’t stand your own cargo watch. I had heard that Seabulk was taking people as an extra to get their loads and discharges, but I don’t know if that’s still going on.

With OSG the unlicensed are SIU. You could join them and go out for a trip as OS/AB to get the loads and discharges, but like Oakley says, you would need at a minimum Tankerman Assist for that.

I know that it was pretty much policy that if you were over 28, you wouldn’t get hired on at Polar. Anyone know if that’s still the case?

On one OSG ship years ago they let a licensed mate sail 90 days as cadet to get the PIC. Not sure if they will do it now. They were pretty hard up back then

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thanks everyone, I guess I’ll just forget about tankers
Sucks that USCG has made it just about impossible to switch sectors anymore!

Not exactly, they will hire you if over 28, typically either with no experience (former cadet) or family. They’ve hired a few guys with former military service that went to an academy on the GI Bill. They"ll hire ABs and Utilities well over 40 all day long.

Polar does hire guys without tankerman, but they make you get it ASAP. Also thats typically a case by case and if they’ve already vested a lot of time/interest in you.
While guys do make the leap from AB to 3m they are the exception, not the rule. No guarantees and you are guaranteed to get past up by a 22 year old “wonder kid” on his way to captain many times before you’ll be considered for 3m or 3AE. A few guys in recent years who did make the jump were subsequently fired for one reason or another, which stained the already fragile reputation the AB-3ms already have.
Right now quite a few of the Captains,CMs and 1AEs were hired unlicensed then promoted. but that was during a now long gone regime.

thanks for the info. From what you and others are saying here, it looks like once you’ve taken a job in another sector of the industry, it’s damn near impossible to go back to where you were before unless you want to start all over from the bottom and stay there for who knows how long.
I already went back once from master to AB, took me 10 years to be able to move up to 3rd mate that time. I’m not going to do that again.
Yeah, I would sail AB for a couple of months, even a couple of hitches, but NOT willing to be stuck there for years again. What’s the point of getting a license in that case?

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I’d be happy to relieve you :wink: … graduate Schuyler in January and applying for a mate position with OSG