K.I.S.S- Keep It Simple Stupid

Give me a boat that floats mate
Where water can’t ingress
There is no VOOM from my engine room
Directly because of this mess
Give me a boat that works mate
Where the electrics don’t spark out
And a big batt
that doesn’t go flat
And leaves us all in doubt
Give me a communicating computer mate
That does what it says on the tin
Completes its "send"
Not goes round the bend
Cos it will end up in the oggin!!
Give me a boat without paperwork mate
Most of which I don’t really need
They go on for miles
my library of files
And its not what I normally read
Give me the tools to adjust mate
The things that need tweaking a bit
This ISM
is more like S&M
And with me it is not a big hit
Give me some electrics with juice mate
Cos here it is terribly thin
The problem’s got larger since my battery charger
Has decided to throw its hand in
The paperwork could block our ingress mate
If you mashed it and mixed it with glue
And put out the fires
by smothering the wires
Which are salty and rusting right through
Give me a man with a spanner mate
Or any such handier tool
For computers can’t mend
Nor the emails I send
Nor can anyone sat on a stool
Give me a ship running light mate
Moving at economical speed
No more papers within
And nought in the bin
Hassle free we are now agreed
Give me a boat much speedier mate
Ploughing easier through the water
With less depth on her draught
She swims like a raft
Saving gallons of fuel like she oughta!
Give me a ship much simpler mate
No more gizmos ending up wiry
The files I most miss
Are covered by K.I.S.S*
One playboy, a Reeds and a diary!!

(*K.I.S.S- Keep It Simple Stupid)

Just saying it how I feel sometimes :L

Sailors lament

So you got a hankerin to be free
Buy a boat and go to sea
Take a honey, and lots of money
and a spare handle for the dunny.
If its fish you really want,
Its cheaper in a restaurant…

Just sayin.

Like it , hope some more seafarers join in with their own stuff too


How ISM works (ish)

Like it , hope some more seafarers join in with their own stuff too