PNW Shipyard Comp Persons

Anyone here a SCP? In the Pacific Northwest? Had some questions as I am really new to this side of the profession. Thanks in advance for all replies!

I took the class at Todd S/Y 4 or 5 years ago. They had most of the test equipment on the market for familarization.

I also took it at Todd S/Y, about 7 years ago.
Strangely, the company sent me to the 8-hour refresher course, not the 25(?) hour initial course.
So I got the certificate, but it was no good.
It was still a very good class.

[QUOTE=injunear;80640]I took the class at Todd S/Y 4 or 5 years ago. They had most of the test equipment on the market for familarization.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the response. I have a current SCP cert (initial certification in 2010 by Sound Testing with Phil as my proctor) and the reason for me posing the question was to learn from the more seasoned SCP’s. All projects that I’m on vary in scope and depth (don’t they all?) and so I am not always “wearing” the SCP hat. Meaning that as a subcontractor the MC comes in to cert and then the prime contractor provides a designated SCP (Safety Officer) so I don’t get a lot of on the job experience fulfilling those obligations. I practice as much as production allows.

I’m hoping to glean some “I didn’t know that”-type of info through sharing experiences. How long have you worked at Todd/Vigor? Or are you a sub as well?

Yeah! I really like the informal but deep review that Phil and Don (of Sound Testing) do to prepare their SCP students. Still in the industry by chance?

In my case, I was the C/E aboard a ship as a client of Todd S/Y.
My company sent me to the class.
I never worked for Todd.

I believe it was Sound Testing that taught the course. My cert is packed away somewhere. I never worked for Todd but have dealt with them in the PNW and Galveston many years ago. My company called me one day on my off time and informed me that I had to fly to Seattle to take this course. I reminded them that I was retiring in 5 months. They said it was mandatory. I was pissed off as turkey season was still open and even though I was drawing my day rate, I received no pension credits. It’s amazing how your priorities change the closer you get to 55!!

Yeah, that would be a mega-bummer! LOL

Oh, cool. Still in the industry?