Plogging anyone?

Any joggers or brisk walkers here on the forum??
Here is an idea for you to make your jog or walk more rewarding and efficient:

Take up plogging NOW!!!

I am not paying to read it but it looks like they are picking up trash. We clean up 2 miles of our road 4 times a year. Lots of local families and groups do this.


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No but I do love a good pracersize :wink:

I’ll tell you what us old men do not do…we do not dance, prance, jog, yog or plog

what we do sit in groups, drink, smoke and bitch about the modern world and how much better is all was decades ago before everything went to shit…including this forum


Those gentlemen look to be enjoying some fair trade coffee and artisanal scones. Count me in

Plogging is spreading to the UK as well:

Time for YOU to start a Plogging group in your area??

In America, the streets are paved with gold and there is no trash.

Does that classify as a White Lia under present American standard??

More like an urban legend from an earlier time.

In USA where I live and anywhere I’ve been there are near countless signs where businesses and civic groups “adopt” sections of roads and highways and voluntarily wear vests and bags are dragged along being filled with litter from the less civic minded of our fellow citizens. No need to advance a scandahoovian solution to what goes on already. Likewise other groups and individuals take care of trails, paths and walkways. You need to spend more time in the USA, you should have no problem getting in, Mr.T likes you guys.


Also, we already have a version of plogging where I live. In the spring we load the kids in a bunch of skiffs and patrol the canals to pick up any trash or debris from winter storms. We’ll start calling it floagging.

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I’ve never intentionally littered in my life but if I had a plogging group in my community I would probably start littering just to give those poor souls something to do.

I think the idea is that “plogging” give you more and better exercise than just jogging or brisk walking. If you can do some civic service at the same time, it is a bonus.

In Scandinavia there are all kinds of volunteer groups that take care of public places and who clean up beaches, or even divers that clean up the seabed.

The Ren Kyst (Clean Coast) initiative in Norway have over 10000 volunteers that help to keep the coastline clean and teach children to do the same:

Yes I have no doubt that I would be able to enter the US if I should wish to.
A couple of years ago I kept on getting e-mails inviting me join “The Green card Lottery”.
When I as a lark answered, I gave my true age of 73 (at the time) and underwhelming qualification. Yet I received an instant answer, where they told me I was the perfect candidate. If I sent them $35 they would help me apply.

When I didn’t reply I even got a phone call to encourage me. I had to let them know that i was not really interested but only wanted to find out what kind of B.S. this was.
Needless to say, I haven’t heard any more from them, but I can PM the contact details to anybody who are interested in applying.

I’m really shocked by this as I have been led to believe that those that live there would NEVER think of doing something a lowly as littering. Man, I guess they just have a bunch of slobs living there that have no caring bones in their bodies.

We are at the “receiving end” of the Gulf Stream. Now, go figure.

Haha. Well played, sir.

But while large parts of North America and Europe is drowning in snow and freezing to death, we here on the West Coast of Norway have beautiful winter weather, with the sun shining from a clear blue sky and temperature just around 0C:

That is also thanks to the Gulf Stream, so I suppose we shouldn’t complain too much.
But PLEASE stop throwing your garbage into the sea to go with the warm water you so generously send us. (At no cost, I might add)

We got snow overnight. At least 1-2 mm. of the white stuff:

But it all melted away in the bright sunshine later.