Please talk me out of buying ship stocks like $DAC

Slow and steady has always worked for me. We’ve had this conversation before. A monkey with a dartboard could have made money when everyone was freaking out when Dow went to around 18k, it has almost doubled since. I bought a bit more, but did not sell my holdings at that time. Quite alright with that.

I wasn’t old enough to notice the S&L fiasco but was a beginning investor when the tech bubble burst & had enough assets in '08 to be panic strickened, glued to every negative headline. While I was fearful for our nation in 2020 I was giddy as an investor because of the lessons I had forced on me during previous crisises. Cautious, yes, afraid, not so much. I was stuck on board in March '20 & made far more from investments on my phone then what I made from my salary. It was cool being the old guy this time talking my younger shipmates into not being so panicked with their 401ks & trading accounts.


Was thankful an “Older Guy” introduced me to the investing world almost 40 years ago. May that captain RIP. One brick at a time. Buy shit that people need.

In the short term.

Then you’re speculating not investing.

If you believe “buy & hold” for an indefinite amounts of time is the only type of investing then listen to @Capt_Phoenix, never invest in individual stocks & only buy mutual funds & ETF’s & forget about your investments after purchase. Good luck. There’s plenty of people who sell those types of investments who swear they are the best. For those who believe it, they’re probably right.