Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Off Shore Rigs, Barges, and those who work them

Shenandoah Trader (Ex Pyxis Epsilon) moored in Caracas Baai – Curaçao
Photo: John Govers Marine Superintendent OOS (c)

Source: USDOT Strengthens Economic Supply Chain and Defense Operations | MARAD

PS> “325,000 barrel tanker” is 50124 DWT in shipping terms.

The OSE BRAVERY EXPRESS arriving in Taichung port (Taiwan)
Photo: Capt Jan Plug master Seven Phoenix (c)

PS> Her sistership has been in the news recently:

Well loaded:

Remember those days?:

Photo: James Barry

No I did NOT say “the good old days”, nor think we should return to them.

Hodeidah, Yemen. Discharging general cargo to donkey carts. 1976, my first trip to sea.

More British nostalgia:

The heyday of the British tramp ship, once frequent callers at New Zealand ports, is now a distant memory, but finds a contemporary echo with the visit of the British-flagged and proudly Cardiff-registered bulk carrier ANGLO RED, pictured off Banks Peninsula on January 25 on passage Yantai-Lyttelton.
Text & Photo: Nick Tolerton (c)

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A highly motivated seaman

I question the preparation. Salt entrapment is highly likely. I doubt if it will stick for long. Probably an attempt for the ship to look good for the office boys.

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That type of paint job will wash off for sure. We anchored in Hong Kong once upon a time long ago and there was a famous entrepreneur called Mary Sue who would rig bamboo scaffolding from small boats and paint the entire hull in return for trading brass and metal and such for a glorious paint job that lasted about a week at sea. It sure looked good when we left port.

Amoy’s side party used to do RNZN warships and they didn’t take shortcuts. The paint was supplied by us and we got a first class job. The Chinese laundry wallahs had a side hustle selling ice cold milk of various flavours to hungover sailors first thing in the morning.
When we sailed we were escorted out by a junk belonging to the side party with strings of firecrackers igniting in the rigging.
Now crews are breath tested before turning to.

Used to be a common thing for Fred Olsen ships arriving in Oslo.
When passing “Hvitsten” (the Olsen family’s origin and summer residence) the ships had to be looking good (especially Stbd. side) and blow their horn in greeting.

Bow loading Shuttle tanker:

The 2011 built, 157644 ton dwt. crude oil tanker BODIL KNUTSEN inbound Rotterdam, 29-01-2024
Photo: Dirk Nootenboom (c)

Run out of yachts to carry??:
The YACHT SERVANT in the beautiful Northern Norway. Transitioning from palm trees to the mesmerizing Northern Lights.
Photo: Unknown, via Maasmond Newsclippings.

Photo: ITromsø

Even colder than in Ramfjord.
M/V Helga in Trollhættan, Sweden, 2010 :


Do you remember those days and where?:

Photo: Ross Hopwood

Suez Canal probably late 50’s

NAGOYA TOWER making port call at Dutch Harbor
Photo: Bas Coppes - Plan B Marine Solutions Llc (c)

M/V GENIUS STAR XI departed Dutch Harbor, Alaska, Sunday en route its intended destination in
San Diego, California

That’s a good looking assist boat.

I believe that’s a DUNLAP boat.