Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Off Shore Rigs, Barges, and those who work them

Captain Sergii Prakhov of the ALP KEEPER leads the convoy with the KARMOL LNGT POWERSHIP AFRICA in tow on its 9500 nautical mile voyage from Sembcorp Marine in Singapore to the African country of Senegal where the plans are to begin producing LNG powered electricity from the KARDENIZ POWERSHIP AYSEGUL SULTAN in June 2021. The photo was taken at One Fathom Bank in the Straits of Malacca by specialist offshore photographers, Aerial Marine Media

Just another day in the office, today with a spectacular view. from TOS shipdelivery at Waalhaven Rotterdam

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Not a photo but an oil painting:

The latest work of Maritime artist Leni Simons Molenwijk is the above seen oil painting of Heerema’s AEGIR

I’ll bite. That orange-hulled vessel is being held aloft somehow?

It is the Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV) Blue Tern (ex Seafox 5)
She was built in Singapore in 2012 and transported to Rotterdam on the HLV Black Marlin:

She is self-propelled and have 4 legs to lift the hull above water when installing wind turbines offshore.

The picture of her in Waalhaven, R’dam was taken during a jacking test recently and appeared in Maasmond Newsclippings.

During loading in Singapore we run into a problem; the thrusters were sticking down below the baseline, which was not shown on drawings.

When the deck was dry we could see that the thrusters resting lightly on the deck:

Not good for the long transport around Africa to R’dam. What to do??
The solution was to cut hole in the deck below the thrusters to take any pressure off:

How is that possible??
HLVs have high ballast tanks under the cargo deck, which can be used to reduce the GM to avoid too rapid rolls, thus excessive acceleration force on sea fastenings.

In this case the deck tanks directly below the thrusters were intended to be full for the voyage.


Thanks - I see the legs are hers, now. Thought it might be a “What’s Wrong With This Photo?”

Nice little coastal tanker operating on the coast of Norway, Haltbakk Viking (ex Pallas) Blt. 2011:

Tidewater’s LIFT TIDE II spotted off Walvisbay (Namibia) Photo : Jacob Versteeg ©

The NORTH SEA ATLANTIC photo: Martiniano Ticatic ©

The 1,000 HP pusher tug BRUCE D repositioning to steer the upriver barge set for the float-in of the 830 ft long Wellsburg Tie Arch Bridge earlier this week. The two sets of barges were each outfitted with 4 MAMMOET Mega Jack 5200 towers for jacking up the span a total of 83 ft before floating over the piers and setting it down. Photo : Frank van Hoorn Practical Solutions - Theoretically Sound ARGONAUTICS MARINE ENGINEERING, INC.

Well stimulation vessel «Island Centurion». is going to Ulstein Shipyard for 5-year Special Survey. The contract also contain upgrade and maintenance work PHOTO: ISLAND OFFSHORE

A real “beauty”, fresh off the blocks:

The brandnew CMA CGM TROCADERO during trials off China Photo : Hans Semeins o/b Coral Acropora

Low sun from abeam:

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The cable laying vessel ELECTRON navigating the SUTORS of CROMARTY inbound Nigg Energy Park. Photo : David Meek ©

Bahamas flag PSV Solvik Supplier, blt. 2011:

Greedy fellow, trying to swallow the rainbow:

Three generation of ships in one shot:

Hamburg - Oswaldkai - ‘SAFMARINE BENGUELA’ alongside with historic cargo vessel ‘BLEICHEN’ and three mast barque ‘PEKING’ in the background. Photo : Hans Schaefer ©

The JONES TIDE outbound from Walvis Bay (Namibia) Photo : Jacob Versteeg ©

Latest addition to the Live Fish Carrier fleet in Norway carries out DP trials:

Built in Turkey. Just arrived in Norway for final testing

The VLADISLAV STRIZHOV arriving in Mukran Photo : Jan Willem Monster ©

Look at these two beauties:

“CMA CGM JEAN GABRIEL” is giving way to “CMA CGM LOUVRE” off Bremerhaven Photo : Shuai Kang, 2nd Off o/b Eemsborg ©

Ulstein is making it’s presents felt in China:

How cool is this, 1 picture capturing at the same time 4 ULSTEIN designed vessels currently under construction at CMHI yard in China:

  • SYLVIA EARL (ULSTEIN CX103 design for SunStone Ships, Inc. / Aurora Expeditions)
  • OCEAN VICTORY (ULSTEIN CX103 design for SunStone Ships, Inc. / Albatros Expeditions)
  • OCEAN EXPLORER (ULSTEIN CX103 design for SunStone Ships, Inc. / @Vantage Cruise)
    In the background:
  • ALFA LIFT (ULSTEIN Alfa Lift designed WTIV for OHT)
    Thank you Lucy Lu for making this great picture!