Penn State Weather Forecasting Certificate

I’m curious if anyone has been through or thought about the Penn State Weather Forecasting Certificate program. It’s four semesters, college credit, all online. It sounds cool, but really expensive.

But it looks like a ton of fun. Your thoughts if you know about it are appreciated.


I am not familiar with the program but the instructors seem well equipped to teach the courses. The program, as I could see from their web site does not include any marine meteorology so it depends on what you are looking for.

Before you spend any money there is a free resource called MetEd which is sponsored by UCAR and the NWS and includes on-line course modules on oceanography and ocean wave forecasting as well a a large number of other meteorology topics.

MetEd Web site:

The MetEd site is great. Very good animated graphics, and the content ranges from intermediate to very advanced.