Pay scale

Sorry if this is in wrong section, But what is the standard pay for a 500 ton master NC in the oil field for supply and dive vessels in the Gulf of Mexico?

$350.00 to $600.00 dependinf on endorsements and which part of the bucket you skim. Right now you are probably looking at the low to mid $500.00 range with a big company

cool, I am working as a 200 ton mate right now , and will be testing for my 500 ton master next month and was wondering what was going on out there in case my company tries to lowball me.

If a company tries to do that crap you don’t want to be working for them anyway. It won’t be easy right now, but you can run a large OSV with a 500 ton Master.

It was my understanding that you could run an OSV up to 3000 ITC with the 500 GRT master and the OSV endorsement, but to get the Large OSV endorsement ( greater than 3000 ITC) you had to have the 1600GRT/3000ITC Master?

Being that you will be a new Captain, or at least a newly licensed Captain, In my experience it is best to advance within the company you are currently with if that is possible. Look at it from the companies side, “Gee let’s take this newly licensed guy with no captain experienced and give him a boat and hope for the best”. Not likely. You will be hired on as a mate and after you prove yourself and when and if a spot opens you may get a Relief Captains spot. Then again you may be at the right place at the right time.
Good Luck