Password protecting Rose Point Routes

Does anyone on here know if you can password protect routes created on Rose Point so when you get back to work you relief hasn’t move waypoints and things? I like my route. If he want his own he can make a different one…

No, but you can make the files read-only so they can’t be edited, and/or back them up and reload them from your own stick, or just give up…

Guess the flash drive is the way to go but what a pain in the ass.

I feel your pain. In addition to rose point, I have a guy that fucks with the boats email and computer. i am getting ready to blow up on him because I have already expressed that I prefer things the hard way and no matter how efficient he thinks his way is it doesn’t matter.

have you asked your relief to stop messing with your routes?

I have the 2nd mate email me the routes. I save all the routes in an Outlook folder. Then I can email the same route back to the bridge when I want to use it.

Another way is to save the routes by date. I use the format voyage number depart port arrive port. If a route gets reused its “saved as” with the new voyage number.

Another option is yyyy-mm-dd format. For example 2017-09-15 Port Angles Pilot to Seattle. If the route gets used again it is saved with the new date.

If the “date modified” is different than the date in the file name it’s been messed with.

Best bet in any case is to use a thumb drive as well.


Flash drive

I’ve tried over and over to talk to the guy about it but his excuse is he isn’t a computer guy and he doesn’t know he’s messing it up. Found out today that he somehow erased about 30 routes from the gulf and east coast while trying to transfer them to the upper house. Wtf…

I Once had a computer illiterate captain erase every single route we had in the boat computer.

I don’t know how he did it but luckily we were in NY harbor a few hitches later and my captain bumed some routes off of another boat on a flash drive.

So after that we had most of the east coast above Hatteras covered but we still lost tons of gulf and south of Hatt routes.

Then he needs to keep his dick-holders off the computer. At least he recognizes he’s not a computer person, I’ve worked with guys that think they know what they’re doing yet don’t.