P&O redundancies

Ok, maybe you could have made the newspapers into paper hats to protect them from the rain?


I cut the torn papers into smaller pieces and rubbed them with used cooking oil to make window panes for their shacks. They couldn’t afford real windows but were willing to pay extra for the “funny pages” since they looked like stained glass.


Did father get the ‘page 3’ window?


No joke. There is even a statue in town to commemorate the event :rofl:

Ok, a little older there. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Had to chuckle at the answer and reply. Well done Steamer and Hornblower.

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Me too. I notice both were relatively well off on their paper routes, apparently they had shoes

It’s not an issue of working hours per year, it’s an issue of quality of time off. The normal work week doesn’t give quality time off, working offshore does.

I didn’t voice any opinion about what is best or worst, only that to match the annual working hours of industrial workers ashore Norwegian offshore workers have a 2/4 Wk. work schedule.

For those Norwegians working on OSVs and commercial vessels in international trade the schedule is even time, regardless of where in the world they are operating.

PS> A family friend who are Ch. Eng. on a shuttle tanker operating in Brazil is working 2/2 months rotation.

Good for him. The fact remains that most mariners in international trade are working much longer contracts and that’s likely a large deterrent in hiring new seafarers. The standard international unlicensed contract is 10-14 months long with a few weeks at home in the middle.

Most international crew work 6 days leave per month worked with officers 2 days on 1 day off as I did up until 1976 when I went to day for day. I can not see any European accepting 2 for one when you compare the leave that someone in the office gets.

agreed, a shortage of employees means pay and conditions are not attractive.

I work 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off and get 33 days leave a year on top so basically have 7 months off a year.
Working time is an 84 hour week though and with shit weather through the winter don’t get much sleep
Zero time for socialising so make up for it when I get home.
The (Ukrainian) crew work 12 weeks on with 6 weeks off unpaid.

Pinoy seafarer’s pay scale:

FoC ship’s crew as imagined by …:

Or P&O ferries as imagined by others.

Since no tax, that is after tax in a country where a lawyer in Manila makes about $50K a year and a doctor makes $15K. The average household income is less than $6K a year.

All that shows is just how undervalued American mariners are.


The last time that I sailed with the Mob from Manila, the Bosun had a big house in the country and 5 servants.
I didn’t then and still don’t have 5 servants.
Although 'er indoors would probably beg to differ.


Back to P&O Ferries and the sacking:

Criminal and civil investigations opened into P&O Ferries after it sacked 786 employees (msn.com)

Meanwhile things go nuts…
Gridlock at Dover as lorries wait for disrupted ferry services | Transport | The Guardian

Operation Brock: Kent lorry chaos enters second day after freight is made to queue for eight miles | Daily Mail Online

Disruption caused by P&O move reaching new level.

I live a few miles north of Dover and yesterday I tried to drive to an area near Ashford, which is to the east. I travelled ten miles in two hours, the last quarter mile taking half an hour. I turned round and went home, missing a day driving my friends traction engine. I worked for P&O Ferries in it’s various guises for thirty years before I retired 21 years ago. They gradually became worse and worse as an employer.

There are 2 things that I wish I had invested in when I was younger; scaffolding and traffic cones.