OVID Audit Templates?

Our vessel had an OVID Audit last year and, though we fared well, I feel we could have been much better prepared. I am trying to put together a resource for the boat that will include a list of FAQs and the corresponding locations of the documents/policies in our ops manuals/systems manuals etc… that those questions reference. The close-out reports we are sent by the auditor are often limited in scope and only include the questions that required attention or for which the auditor had additional questions. Does anyone know if there is a complete template or sample OVIQ available anywhere that we could use to set up a reference document of this kind? I am not interested in gaming the system or using resources that are not above board, but I figure I can’t be the first to come through an audit wishing I had had a better handle on the scope and particulars of what the inspector would need before he arrived. Thanks in advance.

PM me with your email. I can help u out. Who do you work for?

Any of you here, know of an easy way to run statistics on findings from the OVID database?

Not that I am aware of. “Maybe” only the commissioning party (i.e. oil company) can, but I doubt it.